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Niche marketing: 5 ways to nail the right niche every time


This guide outlines how to develop and implement niche marketing to more highly target the right customers.

During Covid we’ve seen business owners shift the way that they market themselves. Many didn’t have an online presence and needed to do something, anything, to stay afloat. There has been a lot of marketing that resembles throwing things up on the internet in the hopes that it will convert. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It goes without saying, though, that this haphazard approach is not sustainable if you want to thrive online post-Covid.

At its core, marketing is about helping your audience get to know you, like you and trust you so they feel confident to buy from you. The key to great marketing that works is niching. Do it right, and it will shortcut the time it takes for people to move through the ‘know you, like you, trust you’ process.

5 tactics to nail niche marketing

Here’s how to get niche marketing right, every time.

1. Who are you focussing on?

The biggest mistake business owners make is trying to appeal to the general population. You may be able to help ‘everyone’ with what you do but you don’t want to market yourself that way. There’s the worry of missing out a huge segment of the population, the worry about being too specific and missing out on revenue. Your marketing will not be as effective if you are being broad.

When you focus on exactly the person you want to work with, it makes your marketing easier. When you choose one person to focus on with niche marketing, it helps you create content that resonates with them. This will shorten the time it takes for them to learn to trust you and then buy from you.

2. Know their demographics

Demographics are an important element in niche marketing. Knowing the answers to questions like: “What is their average age, marital status and do they have children or furbabies? Are they DINK’s or are they grey nomads?” will help you tap into what their life is like.

People have very different life experiences at different ages. Additionally, the way their problems present are different. For instance, a 70-year-old grey nomad may need coaching on how to renovate a property as does a 30-year old person. Yet, the way that they articulate their problems is going to be different, because they are at different stages in their life.

Identifying where they are at in their lives will help you create a mental image and will help you create marketing specific to them. For example. If the 30 year old is busy juggling a career, renovating a property and a pregnancy, you can make marketing specific to them. If they are a grey nomad who has all the time in the world but limited energy for renovating, you can create marketing specific for them.

3. Tap into their psychographics

Niche marketing gets exciting when you start to step into the minds of your ideal client. Knowing what keeps them awake at night and what inspires them is important to know if you want to market to them and sell to them.

Determine what their goals are, and their dreams and secret desires. How do they make their buying decisions? Are they types of people who say “Oh gosh, I need this” and find a way to make the finances work? Hint: if you don’t want to hear the ‘I don’t have the money’ objection, this is a key point to consider. This is going to help you to create niche marketing that shows empathy for where they are at.

4. Get even more specific

Most business owners have a favourite type of client who they love to work with. If you were to think about the qualities of your favourite clients, what are they? When you know these, you can use language in your marketing that draws these types of people to you.

For instance, if you know that your ideal client is someone who is fun loving, spirited and driven to succeed, you will create marketing to resonate with them on that level. If you know that your ideal client is calm, laid back and wants to take things easier on a day to day basis, you will create content that resonates for them.

5. Remember the purpose of niche marketing

The key with any and all marketing is to help build relationships with your ideal client and to help them to learn to trust you. When you focus on a singular person, you will find that your marketing efforts are rewarded much faster. If you ignore this in your marketing, you run the risk of your audience feeling disconnected to you and they won’t trust you.

The ultimate payoff for nailing the right niche marketing is that your marketing will prove easier. Your content will be easier to create and the sales will flow with less resistance. The best thing of all, is you’ll have a business filled with clients you love.

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