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Content marketing 101: Everything you need to know


Correctly marketing your online business can seem like an overwhelming task. After all, there are so many different options to choose from. Luckily, there’s one type that everyone one knows and can be a great place to start and its content marketing, a method that is both effective and popular. You can even read all about how to use content marketing successfully to promote your business online in the post below.

Do use it along with other methods.

First of all, it’s vital that you remember that content marketing, like all online marketing methods, should be used in conjunction with other ways of doing things. After all, your marketing needs to have a cohesive strategy that ensures each platform you are working on is helping to achieve the same goal.

In particular, using content marketing along with SEO can be incredibly useful because it is something that contributes to your business search engine position, as well as being a form of product placement.

This works by including natural backlinks to your site from popular websites, and so provides better visibility for the bots that search engines use to place companies on their results page.

What this translates to is being placed higher on the results page, and as most sales from click-throughs go to companies that are on the first page, you can see how vital this placement is for your business.

Of course, there are additional methods to be used alongside content marketing as well including email marketing, text marketing, paid advertising and SEM as well. Something that all business woman should consider before devising their marketing strategy.

Don’t crowbar your anchor in an unruly way.

Of course, for the SEO and the product placement goals of your content marketing to work it must be carried out correctly. This means that the links and the way they are embedded in the text are essential.

First of all, it’s crucial to vary the length of the anchor text, so it doesn’t continuously repeat. What this means is changing it from single words, to short tail and even long tails where possible so you get as much variety as you can.

Next, it’s also valuable to consider the text just before and after the anchor that you use. In fact, it is vital that the anchor be directly related to the subject and content of what you are writing about. Otherwise, it can be seen by readers and search engines as too clearly a deliberate attempt at promotion.

To help with this, some business like to include keywords within the same sentence, or in sentences just before or after the anchor that are not linked to add to the context. Although, to a large extent, doing this successfully, also relies on getting some expert help from organisations like Vine Digital and other companies like them. The reason being that they can advise you on the perfect way to place your links to get the results your business is specifically looking for.

Do pick sites that appeal to your demographic.

Next, when it comes to being successful with content marketing its essential that you pick platforms that are appropriate to the demographic you are looking to sell to. What this means is that every company will have a particular target audience and the platform you work across as well as the content you product needs to match up to that.

Of course, this can be made a lot easier by doing extensive market research before you get onto the marketing and promotion phase. This is because you will then have a distinct idea of who you need to appeal to and this can help you pick your platform and content from the vast number of options available. Instead of trying to make a particular approach fit when it isn’t well suited.

Don’t forget the value of media other than the written word.

In fact, to achieve success in content marketing is incredibly important to not rely merely on the written word. Of course, when anyone mentions content marketing, it is easy for our mind to jump to things like written blog posts and news articles. However, there are so many additional possibilities, some of which may be much better suited to your demographic.

One such option is video marketing, a platform that has been popularised by companies like Youtube. Now, one of the great appeals of this type of content is that it can be dynamic and even interactive but still be much cheaper to produce than a traditional television advert. After all, many of us have smartphones with video capture, and even professional digital equipment and editing tools can be accessed relatively cheaply these days.

Of course, before you can go ahead and produce video content marketing, you will need to decide what form this will take. Some companies use education as the selling point and provide advice including ‘how to’ tutorials on things that are directly linked to their field of expertise. Others pick entertainment as their forerunner and look to ensure that they captivate the audience with funny or fun content, that is then linked back to their brand.

Do focus on value rather than generalities.

Lastly, for business women that are looking to excel in the area of content marketing, it is crucial that they remember to focus on a specific target audience rather than trying to appeal to a more general one.

In particular, this may mean drilling down and providing some exact information or target content that will appeal to only a very specific demographic. Now, this may seem like a risky process, but in fact, it has been proven to be much more effective in converting sales than trying to hook in a mass market with a less clear message.

Therefore, if you want your content marketing to be a success, especially if you are looking to appeal to more than one specific demographic, it’s important to target each group separately with content, and with regards to the right platform.

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