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Effective marketing: Simple tweaks for a more effective marketing strategy


Is your marketing strategy as effective as it can be? The likely answer to this question is no. After all, effective marketing isn’t a once and done activity but an ongoing process that can be tweaked to perform better all of the time. Of course, to be able to make such improvements you will need to know exactly what to tweak, something you can find out by reading below.

Simple tweaks for a more effective marketing strategy

Target a demographic 

‘Everyone’ is not a target demographic, and as much as you would like every single person in the world to buy your product or use your service, this is just not a realistic approach to marketing success. Instead, for effective marketing, you need to be much more specific and establish exactly who the people that are most likely to buy your product are.

Knowing who your target demographic needs to include defining them in terms of socio-economic status, gender, age-range, and oftentimes even location. Be sure to pay attention to the types of platforms they are most likely to use online as well. After all, that is where it will be easiest to get your marketing content in front of them.

Another aspect of defining your target demographic is that it allows you to identify the keywords that they will most often use, this means you can further tailor the marketing content you create to their tastes and so have the opportunity to make tweaks that can result in more success.

Leverage social media

There is a right way, and a wrong way to use social media to market your business. The good news is that with a few tweaks even the worse social media business account can become an effective marketing tool to bring in more customers.

First of all, it is important to make the focus of your business’s social media account interaction and community rather than using it solely to promote your products. Of course, you will add images of what you have for sale, and post about your products, but your followers and potential customers won’t want to look at an account that is basically a scrolling catalog.

Instead, be sure to keep your account fresh and up to date and give followers the chance to engage and interact with representatives from your business, as well as each other. In particular, running competitions can be very successful for this, especially if they encourage users to add their own images or content and vote.

Repeat customers should be your priority 

A simple way of tweaking your business’s marketing strategy is to focus not on winning over brand new customers, or ‘cold leads’ as they are known. Instead, it can be much more effective and profitable to make sure that your repeat customers come first.

Yes, that does mean that an effective marketing strategy may shift from things like adverts to emails that contain offers for those that have already shopped with you. However, remember that it is always more likely that a customer that has previously had a positive experience with you will shop with you again, than one that has never worked with you before.

Also, remember that in most cases around 20% of your customers are responsible for a large majority of your sales. Therefore it just makes more sense to tailor your marketing to them before anyone else.

Get expert help

You can also tweak your marketing to make it more successful by investing in expert help. After all, marketing is a stand-alone discipline and many business owners do not have the time to devote to becoming experts at it while doing everything else that running their business requires.

Indeed, it is best not just to find a marketing expert to help you tweak your strategy, but a professional that has experience in the area of business you are working in as well. The reason for this is that a SaaS marketing agency (specializing in software as a service) will have a vastly different knowledge base and approach than one focusing on marketing healthcare practices. After all, such fields are quite diverse and it makes sense that someone with expertise in the field you want to succeed in will be the best fit to support you. 

Professionals will help you better understand  how you need to market your software product  and what strategies to use to reach your predefined goals. Expert agencies specializing in one specific field will know better what kind of effective marketing strategies will bring the most results based on their previous experience in the market.

Trends in marketing matter

Finally, if you are considering tweaking your business marketing approach you must be aware of the current trends, especially when it comes to digital marketing solutions. Indeed, the digital marketing landscape changes often and fast, and for your efforts to stand out among your competitors you will need to use the latest effective marketing approaches to catch potential customer’s eyes.

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