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6 Best social monitoring tools you must use


The best approach to make social media genuinely work for you is by observing audience behavior and seeing what they need to state about you, your products and services, and even your competitors.

When you have the correct information before you, you can break down the data to make decisions about how you promote your business through social media to achieve maximum engagement and conversion – which, in turn, can lead to sales.

The way to gather the information you need is utilizing an incredible social media monitoring tool. These tools monitor everything about user behavior – you can follow keywords, hashtags, URLs, and much more.

Here are 6 excellent social media monitoring tools you need to consider

1. Keyhole

6 Best social monitoring tools you must use


It helps you monitor your Twitter and Instagram account— you can have a look at keywords, hashtags, and usernames. You can see data in real time and historical information and view heat maps that show you different activities in the other parts of the world.

2. Hootsuite

6 Best social monitoring tools you must use

It is a prominent and premium social media monitoring tool that can analyze more than one social media platforms at a time. Such social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Foursquare and WordPress. You can also schedule the posts and manage social media accounts. If multiple people are handing these social media accounts, you can delegate the tasks.

3. Digimind

6 Best social monitoring tools you must use

It measures sentiment enabling you to see the perception of a keyword is negative, neutral or positive. You can also view your brand’s opinion versus the competition.

4. Sprout social
6 Best social monitoring tools you must use

Sprout Social is a leading social media monitoring tools. It gives you an in-depth analysis of your campaign’s social media engagement. You can publish a post from the dashboard of the tool and collaborate with your team.

5. Buzzlogix

6 Best social monitoring tools you must use

This tool is all about “Catching the buzz” about your products and services, so you understand what your audience is saying in real time. You can also view what the audience is saying about your competitor’s and can manage all your channels in one tool. If someone has mentioned you, you can directly reply from the dashboard, making it an excellent tool for the community.  The social media analytics and reports the tool provides are indeed helpful. You can start by signing into the free version.

6. Simply measured

6 Best social monitoring tools you must use

It keeps a track of more than one metrics. You can collect data and analyze earned, owned, and paid activity. Simply Measured comes in both free and paid versions and you can create reports for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter. You can track metrics of competitor fan pages, your Facebook content, Instagram engagement, customer service metrics, and trends.

Wrapping up

Social media monitoring is essential in this cutting throat competition where a little here and there could cause a lot. Here are six awesome social media monitoring tools which can help you track your activities, analyze your audience’s behavior and can aid in planning better campaigns.

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