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9 easy ways to de-stress at work


If you are ambitious and a hard worker — and we know you are — then it is inevitable that you will feel stress. And it’s very likely you will feel it on a daily basis. However if we succumb to the stress, then we end up being unproductive … which will in turn result in even MORE stress!

It would be nice if we all had time to leave the office and head off to a yoga class or massage when the stress hits, or even on a regular basis. But few of us have that amount of spare time.

So the secret is learning how to de-stress at work — so you can get on with kicking goals and serious success:

1. See social media as a treat

Instead of seeing the tending of your social media audience as a chore, or using it as a procrastination tool, reframe it as a treat. Schedule in time for you to enjoy your social media activity. Sit somewhere quietly, revel in the added levels of communication technology brings us… and get posting.

2. Plan some down time each day

Schedule in 10-minute ‘do nothing’ breaks. If you have a non-stop job, then block out the 10-minute breaks in your calendar. Give it a code name (that way no-one will know what you’re doing) and also no-one can book you in for a meeting. Turn your chair around or screen off and just breathe.

3. Make the bathroom a sanctuary

Go to the bathroom without your iphone. If you feel like social media and technology controls your life then leave it behind and head to the bathroom. Even if you just sit there, it is your chill out zone with no-one around to bother you.

4. Go for a walk

This is great. Keep a pair of runners at your desk and when you need to get out, go for a walk. It may be productive in order to get something done, or it may be just a walk somewhere you enjoy — but either way choose to walk it instead of a cab.

5. Call someone

When you are at a peak level of stress, call someone who knows you well enough to calm you down and/or make you laugh. Even a couple of minutes on the phone with them will help you de-stress.

6. Read a magazine

Not a magazine related to work but something relaxing or recreational. Take it to the bathroom if you need to, but tune out from work and read something completely different from emails.

7. Work on a passion project during lunch

Instead of eating lunch at your desk while digging further into your normal workload, eat your lunch at your desk but working on your passion project. Set a clear start and stop time, and see it as a reward.

8. Turn off your emails

This is a long term de-stress strategy. Only turn on your emails three times throughout the day so you aren’t distracted by demands every few minutes. Yes, it can take some getting used to — but it works.

9. Take your phone off the hook

At your desk, turn your iphone off and take your phone off the hook for 1-2 hours at a time and focus on your project. Make sure somebody can get hold of you if there’s an emergency – and make sure they know it’s ONLY in an emergency. This will allow you to focus without the distraction of the calls waylaying you.

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