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The advantages of choosing a short domain name


When it comes to choosing a domain name, every situation is different. In most cases, it is simply a matter of evaluating domain names on an individual basis to see whether or not they have all of the right characteristics. Even though there are some basic rules that you should follow when searching for the perfect domain, these rules can sometimes be broken.

The length of the domain name is a great example of this according to Brandnic. While many people prefer short domain names, they aren’t always appropriate. In some cases, going with a domain name that is too short will make it too general. This can make it difficult for people to tell what your site is about by looking at the domain name alone. Another mistake that people commonly make is opting for a short domain name even if it means misspelling a word or using a made-up name. In most cases, it is better to go with a longer domain name that has the correct spelling or that contains words that people will actually understand.

Given all of that, you may be wondering why people are so adamant about choosing short domain names in the first place. There are actually some good reasons to keep your name as short as possible including the following:

  1. Less chance of the name being too long

If the domain name that you want is already taken, most people suggest adding an extra word like “the”. That way, your domain will retain the original meaning of the first domain but you won’t have to pay a fortune to buy a domain that is already taken. The problem with this technique is that it often makes the domain name extremely long — particularly if the original domain was already quite lengthy according to the experts at Brandnic.

Long domain names are not only hard to remember but they also are more difficult to type or share. Try deciding on a maximum length and then looking for a domain that fits within that limit.

  1. A short domain gets right to the point

If a domain name is too long, it may be hard to decipher its meaning. Going with a shorter name makes it a lot easier for people to instantly see what your site is about. One of the latest trends is to choose a short domain name that is brandable but that is still relevant to the theme of the site according to the experts at Brandnic. Today, people have extremely limited attention spans. Keeping things as concise as possible is usually a good idea.

  1. Short domains may make your business seem more exclusive or professional

There is a good reason why short domains usually sell for so much money – it is because they are quite rare. For instance, out of more than 100 million .com domains that have been registered, only 676 of them are made up of two letters. If you are lucky enough to own one of these two-letter domains, it puts you in an exclusive club and lends a lot of credibility to your business.

The same goes for domain names that are an exact match for a particular type of product or service. For instance, instantly has more credibility than

  1. Short domains are seen as being more authoritative

Shorter domain names that are an exact match for the name of the product or service that people are searching for are generally more authoritative than longer domain names. People often type these domain name directly into the browser bar, thinking that they will get a trustworthy site since most scammers wouldn’t bother paying a lot of money for an exact-match domain.

  1. Typos or misspelled words are less common

The longer your domain name is, the more likely people are to make a typo when they are entering it. Typos can be problematic with short domain names, as well – especially if the spelling is unusual or difficult. As a general rule of thumb, however, names that have fewer characters are easier to type, meaning that people are less likely to type in the wrong thing.

  1. Short domains are generally more brandable

From a branding perspective, shorter domains are almost always a better option than longer domains. If your domain name is too long, it may be difficult to print the entire thing on your promotional materials. If you go with just your logo, however, it will be a lot harder for people to remember your company’s name. Abbreviating the domain name is not an option, either, since people will most likely wind up getting lost trying to find it. All of these problems can be eliminated by going with a shorter domain.

  1. It is usually easier to share a short domain with other people

When it comes to word-of-mouth advertising, short domains are far preferable to long domains. In most cases, people are less likely to share a long domain – particularly if they are posting it on social media. If you look at some of today’s top brands, one of the first things that you will notice is that they all have short, punchy domain names that are easy to share.

Companies with longer names will sometimes even turn to acronyms as a way of shortening their name. For instance, British Petroleum is simply known as BP or this four word site, Social Media Verification Team is shortened to SMVT. Similarly, Research in Motion usually goes by the acronym RIM.

  1. Mobile users prefer short domains

As essential as mobile phones are for modern life, they definitely aren’t made for typing. When using a mobile device, it is a lot easier for people to type in a short domain rather than a long one. Shorter domains also fit more easily in the limited space that is available on mobile screens.

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