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The incredible miracle morning plan


Mornings are essential for human beings and often determine how your day will start, progress and perhaps even end. Hal Elrod is a famous speaker and has written a book, to help more people change their mornings – and their lives!

Why is the morning so important and special? Because it is the start of changing your life for the better. Hal Elrod started by dedicating one hour daily to personal development and was able to outline a method that contains six different points of personal development. He chose to place his focus on mornings, as this can be a part of the day a lot of people tend to rush through, while mornings can actually be the most peaceful time of the day. Mornings are silent, free from crowds and the best time to get things done – but most of us prefer to snooze our way through it.

Thanks to six easy steps, this is how Hal Elrod starts his day – and it only takes one hour!


We are constantly surrounded by noise and it has been proven that this could be harmful for our mental and also our physical health. Therefore, it is important to start your day with silence and Hal’s method allows you to apply this in terms of meditation or just by sitting quietly before allowing the inevitable noises to intrude upon your day.


Affirmation is the second step to your new daily morning routines, and will help you change the 70% of negative thoughts that pass through our minds daily. You can either choose to think of one powerful statement or even better, write it down and post it somewhere you will see it frequently.


The third step is to visualize the end result of an achievement that you have decided upon. You can decide to write your achievements down on a list, or it could be a long-term accomplishment such as eating healthier and exercising more. Once you have decided what you need in order to make your life happier, you will visualize how to accomplish it.

While the visualization is important, there are some ways that will boost your luck of these to come true. Of course, you are allowed to visualize your dream vacation, or that summer house by the coast.  However, if you want to have greater chances of those visualizations and dreams coming true, you should apply the complete Miracle Morning model to your daily routines.


There are tons of arguments to why exercising helps us achieve happier lifestyles, such as improving muscle mass and metabolism, boosting our self-esteem and preventing depression. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to run a marathon, it could be as simple as walking or taking the bike to work.


By entering the world of books, you allow your mind to fantasize and at the same time improve your vocabulary, writing skills and overall communication, which could improve relationships at work as well in your personal life. Reading is similar to exercising – you don’t need to do it in any specific way, as long as you do it!


In this case, scribing means writing down your activities, similar to writing a journal to putting your thoughts down in words. With your daily journal you will be able to organize your thoughts, reflect upon less wonderful days and analyze what happened on that particularly day and eventually clarify what are the most positive aspects of your life.

How can this model help you improve your business?

By applying this list to perhaps your most critical, but also most focused time of the day, you will allow yourself to not only get a great and more organized start of your day, you will also be able to apply these steps into other scenarios in your life. Quite simply, there’s no better way to success than a good start to your day!

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