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Why your business should improve its plastic waste management


There are more than 300 million of plastic products made in a year. Now that plastic products are made and are subsequently tossed into ocean regularly, our oceans have become dirty and it is causing a lot of damage to the marine wildlife. But your business can help solve the problem.

Take responsibility

Plastic should be recycled in such a way that does not create pollution.  Since 1960, based on research, only 8% of plastic items have been recovered from dumping. Several global conferences have happened in the last few years about how to reduce plastic wastage and it is important now for every company to take some responsibility and come up with a system that ensures that as little as possible is wasted.

Land waste management

Land waste management can help us get rid of these plastic products and according to research, 29 million tonnes of plastic was disposed on land in 2008. There are 2 types of plastics that are valuable to us, Thermoplastic and Thermosetting. Thermoplastic can change its shape when you provide it with heat and it becomes solid when you freeze it. In the world, 20% is thermosetting and 80% are thermoplastic.

Ban it

The only possible way to get rid of plastic wastage for good is to ban plastic products. There are a lot of alternatives in this world of plastic products for example instead of plastic bags, we can use reusable containers. Plastic bottles are the most disposable plastic waste in the world and we should stop buying it at least until they are not in plastic or even glass bottles.

Recycle it

If we cannot ban it, then we must implement proper rubbish removal and recycle it more efficiently, that means either making it a requirement to recycle or providing incentives perhaps of monetary value, which would certainly help for less privileged people. Ultimately, creating an appropriate strategy for tackling waste issues can only improve our attitude to life and appreciation for all things living. With Kwiksweep, you can learn more about plastics in our ocean by taking a look at the infographic below.

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