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How to avoid hidden headaches in business


Starting a business, be it small or large, can be an exciting adventure that leads to an incredibly fulfilling lifestyle of wealth and abundance.  It can, however, at times be a battlesome ordeal where you have to deal with headache after headache.  Some of these headaches are more obvious than others; as an example the headache of staff absenteeism or difficult customers, but some easily avoidable headaches are often overlooked.  These “hidden headaches” can Trip you up, so this article looks at just a few of them to offer some food for thought in terms of your business.

Property headaches

If you have a property, then you’ll want to start thinking about less obvious issues such as making sure things like the drain work and sewers don’t get backed up; check out for an idea of what measures you’ll need to put in place in order to achieve that, as for most people it’s the last thing on their mind.  Similarly, hidden away out of sight is the fact you’ll want to make sure all the electrics in your property are not only functioning and safe; but complaint with health and safety legislation – which might require an annual check up – as the last thing you want is the headache of a lawsuit due to your building been unsafe.  The final thing in terms of safety is to ensure adequate fire protection and detection mechanisms are in place.  In many cases if you don’t have adequate smoke detectors and fire fighting tools such as fire extinguishers in place, and someone dies in the property due to fire – you could personally face the charge of manslaughter.

Disability discrimination pitfalls

This can provide a significant hidden headache for employers that aren’t aware of equality legislation that puts the onus on you, the business owner, to make reasonable adjustments in terms of accommodating staff and customers with disabilities.  This isn’t limited to physical issues such as reduced access, it covers an array of common mental health problems such as depression and work related stress.  You might want to check out: for more information on hidden health issues relating to mental wellness from an employees perspective.

If you are found to be discriminating against someone on the basis that you don’t provide an equality of service level to all people, then you can be sued.  Similarly, if you were to not employ someone on the basis of their disability, be that a physical or mental handicap, you can face a significant legal battle in the courts on the basis of discrimination.  This isn’t just a headache in terms of the time and money involved; it can create bad publicity and negatively affect public opinion of you and your company.

Equal opportunity

There is substantial legislation to ensure employees prove an Equal Opportunity for all candidates regardless of their religion, race, background, sexual orientation or gender.  Whilst nobody would expect you to employ someone of every race and sexual orientation in order to comply with this requirement – it is something to bear in mind.  This resource will help you get to grips with what equal opportunities are:

There are many factors that can result in a legitimate leaning toward a particular group of people; as an example, a gay bar might choose to specifically work with gay bartenders on the basis there is a natural alignment – this isn’t discrimination – what would be an issue, however, is if a straight person were to apply for the job and be turned down on the basis of their sexual orientation.  It’s an interesting area to consider, as to where does one draw the line.  Some jobs that require physical strength such as the army were once upon a time reserved for men, however, today, more and more women can be found fighting on the front line.

The simple point is that you don’t need to hire someone of every sexual orientation and religious background; you just need to make sure that you don’t discriminate against someone on the basis of these factors.

Insurance and tax liability

This is a slightly more obvious consideration, but as it’s something that isn’t likely to be in your daily awareness it’s worth double checking you have adequate insurance cover that goes beyond the legal minimum.  If there were to be an issue, that resulted in a claim being made, you’ll want to make sure you have insurance that covers every eventuality.  It can create a massive headache if something goes wrong and it turns out you are under-insured.  Similarly, you’ll want to make sure all your taxes are up to date and above board because we all know what a headache this can cause.

In summary, think beyond your daily business needs and start looking beneath the surface of what could go wrong from a liability and legal issue in order to avoid the hidden headaches of doing business.

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