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Top 3 legal tips for startup founders


The economy is perfect for new startups to bloom. There are plenty of consumer problems to solve, which means there are a lot of opportunities for new startups to be the provider of solutions and become successful. It all starts with a simple business idea; you can be the proud owner of a successful company in as little as six months in today’s economy.

While the startup scene is very exciting, founding a startup isn’t as simple as many entrepreneurs think. Thrilling product development and marketing strategies aside, the business and legal aspects of the business must also be managed correctly. To help you launch your own business, we are going to focus on the top three legal tips every startup founder should know in this article.

Protect your intellectual property

Don’t make the mistake of introducing a potential product to the market without first taking the necessary steps to protect your intellectual property. The same principle applies to the business itself; your brand, the logo you use, and other elements of the business are just as valuable as your assets.

It doesn’t stop with getting patents for the inventions you made or the products you plan to launch to the market either. Protecting your intellectual property means taking the necessary steps against those who violate your rights in this department.

Understand employment law

One of the most important legal matters that new startups should be very aware of is employment law, so each employee and employer knows their own rights. Obviously, issues such as discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace are things all new startups wish to keep out of their office at all costs, but unfortunately as businesses grow, the likelihood of these issues arising increases.

Many successful startups make sure to hire experienced employment lawyers, in order to protect their employees, from business law firms such as who offer their services for issues such as discrimination, harassment, and even wage and hour claims.

All in writing

As a startup founder, you also need to understand the importance of properly written business contracts. You must never do business deals without putting it in writing. For maximum protection for your business and yourself as the founder, you want an attorney to help draft the contract.

Having a clear and well-written contract is also handy when dealing with disputes. You can always fall back to the original contract for the deal whenever there are disputes between the parties involved. More importantly, you can get the legal help you need when the dispute turns into a more serious legal case.

Treat your people right

Last but not least, you need to establish sufficient legal ground as part of your relationship with team members and employees. Many startups have failed simply because they failed to treat their employees the right way; don’t make the same mistake with your business.

A good employment package that includes a clear and concise contract is a must. You may be recruiting close friends and old colleagues to be part of the new company, but you must never let that personal relationship get in the way of establishing a professional and legally sound employee-employer relationship either.

Similar to dealing with business disputes, having an employment lawyer will also save you from the trouble of dealing with disputes and other issues in the future. Getting it right from the beginning is certainly the way to go.

Starting a new company is always exciting. You will appreciate every milestone you pass as the business grows to new heights. You want to cover the legal side of the business correctly to create a strong foundation for that growth.

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