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5 Best office speakers for your business


Music has been proven to increase productivity and create a healthy working atmosphere. For your business and office, the best sound speakers will allow you to play your favourite songs while getting your tasks done.

Many people opt for Bluetooth speakers with good reason. Coupled with providing good quality sounds, they also consume less space and are easy to move from one position to the next. They are stand alone speakers which means less wires and better performance.

There are plenty of other types of office speakers available which makes the task of choosing one that much more hectic. Luckily for you, you’ve landed on the right place. Let’s find out 5 of the best office speakers for your business.

But first…

The importance of a getting speakers for your office

The office is the one place where you can retreat to and get work done. It should be given the respect and attention that it deserves since most people spend the majority of their time at their office. It is a well-known fact that productivity increases when employees listen to music. However, make sure that you play licensed music in your organization; websites such as Cloud Cover can help you with this.

Getting back to speakers, some speakers such as the Bluetooth variety are small and compact which makes them easy to place almost anywhere.

Good speakers will feature a neat design that will also add to the aesthetics of the office.

What to look for in an office speaker

Range is an important consideration when buying an office speaker. It should provide you with clean and good quality sound even when placed at the farthest corner of the office.

The speakers should also be simple to connect and use. A third and highly important factor is the quality of output.

Speaking of sound

Most people will go for a product based on the higher price tag believing that it will offer the best sound. However, while it’s true that such products are higher quality, price alone is not a good indicator of the quality of sound.

For example, there are speakers that are optimized for bass while others are optimized for treble. Price, in this case really doesn’t have anything to do with it.

The number of audio drivers is an important consideration. Two or more drivers will maintain good quality sound even with increase in volume.

Do not let the size of a speaker fool you. If you know what you are looking for, it is possible to get a compact office speaker that is still able to deliver great quality sound.

Best office speakers for your business

  1. Amazon Echo

If you are looking for a smart Bluetooth office speaker, then the Amazon Echo is worth a look. It comes with a plethora of features. Coupled with playing your favourite tracks, you can control the speaker with your voice.

This is a speaker that will work best form a central position with its 360 degrees of output. What’s more, you can voice command the speaker while it plays music.

With the Amazon Echo, you are also able to obtain information on traffic, as well as what the local businesses are up to.

  1. JBL portable wireless Bluetooth speaker

This speaker has plenty of bass and comes at an affordable price. It is splash proof which means you don’t have to worry about any spillages leaking in and destroying the speaker.

The JBL portable wireless Bluetooth speaker features an inbuilt battery that offers up to 15 hours of continues play.

  1. DKnight Big Magic Bluetooth Speaker

The Dknight provides stereo sound at an affordable price. It comes with 20-watt speakers and features state of the art technology resulting is a good sounding and deep bass.

This speaker also features an inbuilt battery and is rechargeable to last up to 12 hours. Its Bluetooth 4.0 technology allows it to be compatible with most types of Bluetooth devices.

  1. Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse

It features an ultra-modern design with an excellent quality build and good sounding bass. These speakers designed with the shape of an egg, don’t look like they could handle that much bass but trust me it does all while providing an open and clear midrange.

What’s more, the Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse speakers allows you to connect to other devices via the auxiliary port.

  1. Audioengine A2+

These office speakers feature a simple design. They produce nuanced undertones and clear and crisp sounds.

The audioengine A2+ comes with a digital to analogue converter. This means that you can completely let go of the computers output and make use of the better signal.

They are a versatile speaker and a great choice for the office.

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