Own your own bossiness


Society manages to push this notion into girls heads that being bossy is a bad thing. And in the environment of school, bossiness doesn’t always get you the most friends in the playground.

But bossiness isn’t bad. And no, it is not synonymous with ‘bitch’! You can be bossy and well loved. In the workforce, it’s called leadership. So own your own bossiness.

Be assertive

Too often, we put others needs before our own.

Own your bossiness; be assertive with your time, your energy, and your needs.

Yes, you are worth it. Yes, you deserve it. No, it doesn’t look like you’re selfish. No, it doesn’t look like you’re inconsiderate of others. No, it certainly doesn’t look like you’re mean.

It looks like a powerful woman who knows who she is.

Embrace your natural talents

If something doesn’t come easily to you, don’t put your hand up in the meeting and say, ‘sure, I’ll do that’, and then stress about it all day. Get clear on what you do best, and focus your effort on doing that. Work will be more fun, you’ll make more of an impact, and most importantly – you’re honouring yourself.

Love you!

You are going to be the most well-loved bossy woman around when you love you. I know, it’s terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. Approve of yourself. Forgive yourself.

No, it won’t make you forget to do things, always be late, eat bad food and go nowhere with your life.

The crazy, delightful truth is, that the more you have compassion and awe for yourself and others, the more you love yourself and others, the more effective and phenomenal you are at work, at home, and with friends.


About Catherine Moolenschot

Catherine Moolenschot lives in Melbourne, Australia, wrote her first book at 13, has presented at TEDx twice and runs her business Inspire Greatness She also loves travelling, dancing, and broccoli.

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