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The Female Boss: Together we are stronger


Setting out in business is hard.  Regardless of gender you are going to come up against some pretty stiff competition and also meet some rather judgemental souls.  As unfair as it may seem though, women do tend to get the rough edge of the stick and this is why it is even more important we support each other and work together to get each other to the top.

Find your circle

Finding a group of like minded women is key.  You will gain real insight into how others deal with strategy and sales when they come across particularly tricky clients.  It will also help you to gain inspiration when you are feeling up against it, chances are you will also inspire those who are starting out.  Get networking and look for a local group setup for female entrepreneurs.

Start a new circle

If you can’t find one in your area then start one.  It isn’t hard, you just need to take some time to get the word out there.  Start by setting up a social media page and getting in touch with other businesses you know are run by women.  You don’t have to meet up straight away but engaging online is a great way to form strong connections.  Once you have a good following you could start a website and arrange a networking event.  To get the word out it might help to use an organic search company who can ensure your message is getting out there on the world wide web.

Spread the word to the next generation

Other ways you can help to empower women in business is to take some time out to talk to universities or schools.  Delivering talks on the highs and lows of being a female boss and talking frankly about the importance of pushing for equality, is a fantastic way to stir up the next generation of women in business.  You may even boost the confidence of girls who are going down the employed route but want to change the current pay divide.  Put as much as you can into helping the sisterhood grow and supporting those who are just at the beginning of their career as much as those already battling it out.

B2B women

Of course you will want to ensure you are using businesses that offer the best in product and aftercare, however where you can find female lead companies and work together to build a stronger presence in the business world.  Sometimes it is more important to take action than to create a vocal buzz, if you want to challenge the way women employers are seen.

We have just as much talent and right to be in the ring as any man and we also bring a lot of extra goodies too the table.  With a natural strength when it comes to working things through, multitasking and empathy, a female business owner can often be more successful than her male rival.

And no, it shouldn’t be about gender.  Supporting business owners regardless of their sex is vital, we just feel like the girls should stick together until there really is complete equality across the board!

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