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How to break the routine and grow your business


We’ve all been there. We’ve struggled to create order out of the chaos of entrepreneurship. We’ve juggled a lot of hats along the way.  We’ve managed to not only keep our heads above water, but we’ve even enjoyed the view at times. If your business has stagnated, you may have to find a way to break out of your normal routines and get growing – here’s how.

Take a break from your business

While it may sound counteractive to stop working and take a break, time away from your business will help you realize what it is you need to change in order to grow. Set up that out of office notification and let your clients know you’ll be back soon, better than ever. Whether your break is just a few hours, a few days, or even a month, just five minutes of recharging your batteries will help you grow your business in a positive direction. Refreshed, you’ll be full of new ideas and insights into how you can move forward.

Establish new habits

We can’t grow if we are always doing the same things. Start by taking an inventory of your daily habits and how they impact your productivity. Many people do the same things each day, and in the same order, and therefore get stuck in the same routines. When something isn’t working, it isn’t always easy to see that it’s because of what you are doing every single day as a habit. If your normal process is to brew the coffee and to start answering emails, switch this up. Start your day with meditation or a few yoga poses and writing down your intentions for the day. Get your creative work done first, while your energy is highest and then respond to those emails.

Make stress a thing of the past

Stress is not only harmful your health, but also for your business. Have you ever been so angry, upset or overwhelmed that you just can’t think straight? If you can’t get your thoughts in order because of the stress of your job, you can’t do a great job and it becomes a vicious circle. While you can’t get rid of the stress of your job, you can do your best to manage it, and you can do this even at your desk while you are working. A simple and quick way to do this is to cover and close your eyes and find some stillness while you breathe in and out, thoughtfully. If your muscles feel tight, give them a little stretch. Take a quick walk around the room or the office or even the block if you need to. Come back to your desk feeling refreshed and ready to do business. Taking care of your physical, as well as your mental health will help you reduce your work-related stress and help you become more productive.

About Jacqui Burge

Jacqui Burge is an entrepreneur in the health and wellness field who knows how to break habits and the glass ceiling at the same time. Her business is built upon disrupting the hunched-over-nose-to-the-grindstone ways of today’s busy women. You can check her out at and find out more about taking those well-deserved wellness breaks that will boost your business and your health.

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