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Does a business benefit from a toll free number?


Toll-free numbers are phone numbers with unique codes that have free of charge calls from persons calling such numbers. Some even have text-enabled toll-free numbers that can send or receive text messages, as well. Usually, these toll-free numbers begin with three-digit or four-digit codes, like 833, 855, 1300, and the like.

For businesses, using toll-free numbers has its benefits. If you’re a business owner, here are some of the advantages when you use toll-free numbers for your business:

1. Satisfy customers

A lot of customers want to reach out to a business entity before purchasing a product or service. Also, if customers have queries, some prefer calling the company. Especially when a customer has an issue that needs immediate attention, a toll free phone number can save you from getting complaints.

When you have a toll-free number, your customers have easier access to your business. Since it’s free on landlines, they won’t be hesitant to reach out to you. Moreover, you can resolve their queries immediately when they call. As a result, you can avoid customers who may leave a bad rating.

Also, a customer who can easily reach out to a business can become a buying or returning client. People will likely acknowledge your business if they know you’re just a call away. Thus, satisfying them with simply being reachable can grow more buying customers.

Moreover, customers become more loyal if they know that a business values answering their customers’ queries.

2. Become credible

Not only does a toll-free number satisfy your customer, but it also makes your business credible. Customers who find your business credible will make them buy your products or avail your services. However, customers who don’t trust your business most likely won’t buy your products.

One way to make customers trust your business is to become available and reachable whenever they need you, which is what a toll-free number is for.

If you allow your customers to contact you freely, you’ll sound more legit. Moreover, more people want to conduct business with a professional-looking company. Thus, using a toll-free number gives your business a more professional look.

3. Reduce cost

To maximize your business profits, you must not only target getting more sales. You must also reduce your business expenditures. It’s no use having big sales if you have costly expenses. A toll-free number not only allows you to attract more customers, but it can also reduce your costs.

When you subscribe to toll-free numbers, you’re paying a lower rate compared with regular phone numbers. Moreover, the costs of your subscription may depend on the following factors:

  • Add-ons – toll-free number plans have different features. You can add more advanced features, like a basic virtual attendant, custom-caller ID, outbound calling, and the like. Doing so makes your plan more expensive.

For some toll-free number companies, they charge cancellation fees, set-up costs, and other hidden service charges. That’s why you must read all the features of your plan and contract before committing.

  • Call Volume – charges on every call made on your toll-free number depend on the call’s length of time. But, you can reduce this cost as some provider gives a discount on average call costs when you have more call traffic. 
  • Caller’s Location – when a caller is from your local state, then the charge is cheaper. But, when it’s from another state or country, expect a higher rate. Some countries even have cost-per-minute charges. That’s why it’s best to clarify this to your provider.

4. Make business portable

If you’re thinking of relocating your business from one state to another, then go ahead. Don’t hesitate about losing your customers as they can still reach you wherever you are when using you’re using a toll-free number.

Toll-free numbers allow you to change your location without changing numbers. The reason behind this is because when you buy a toll-free, you already own this number. Even if you change your provider, you can retain your number.

So, having a toll-free number gives you more convenience. Toll-free numbers won’t stop you from relocating and expanding your business as your customers can still reach you using your toll-free number.


When you want your business to become successful, a toll-free can help you. It allows customers to reach you whenever and wherever you are for whatever reason. A toll-free number also makes customers engage with your business as they know you mean business. Without a professional number, like a toll-free number, your business may seem not serious to do business at all.

That’s why using a toll-free number allows you to maintain a legit image while growing your list of satisfied customers. If you have satisfied customers, they’ll become repeat customers.

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