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Busy woman’s hacks: Eat to boost productivity


We all know very well that eating healthy is extremely important for our health, our body and our general well-being. But it is really hard to alter our eating habits especially when our busy lifestyles interfere with our choices and we simply don’t have enough time to stick to a healthy diet. Well, here are some smart hacks for busy women that will help you stay healthy and eat healthily.

You are what you eat

The correlation between proper nutrition and increased productivity is obvious and you must have heard the old adage “you are what you eat.” It is true that everything you eat affects your body and your health and by switching to a personalized diet your body maximizes energy that makes you feel motivated and results in increased productivity.

Poor nutrition, on the other hand, doesn’t give your body enough fuel that affects your productivity and your overall well-being suffers. Unhealthy foods and poor dietary habits cause fatigue, low energy levels, nervousness, irritability, stress, decreased productivity and you will feel less motivated to perform your job.

That is why it is important to eat well and nourish your brain and your body with enough energy. People often associate diets (healthy nutrition) with weight maintenance but that is not always the case. Increasing intake of healthy nutrients can help you increase your productivity levels as well as stamina and strength – the better you feel the more you will be ready to face the daily tasks and reduce stress. It’s worthwhile to look at high quality supplements from reputable brands such as Gold Bee to ensure you are getting what you need.

Think about the food you are eating

You should include more folate (forms of folic acid and vitamin B9) in your meals that can be found in meat, beans, and greens. The recommended daily intake of folate is 40 micrograms from foods or other dietary supplements so make sure to include enough of it.

Also, you should increase the omega-3 fatty acid levels by including more fish, flax seeds, walnuts, and eggs in your diet to improve your thinking and boost your focus.

You should eat more berries, bell peppers and all kinds of citrus fruits and increase daily intake of vitamin C. The recommended dose for adults is 65 to 90 milligrams a day but make sure not to overdo (upper limit is 2.000 mg a day) because too much dietary vitamin C might cause diarrhea or nausea. Include more vitamin E that can be found in nuts such as almonds that are rich in antioxidants and plant protein as well as healthy fatty acids, so grab a portion of almonds as a snack between meals.

Ensure high levels of productivity

To ensure healthy eating habits, avoid the negative outcomes and stay productive even if you are on a tight schedule make sure never to skip a healthy breakfast. Begin your day with nutritious foods to fuel your body the right way so that you can stay focused on your daily work tasks and have enough energy for the whole day. Avoid take away food because it will only do you harm, instead try these healthy options:

Make a quick healthy smoothie with your favorite fruits and veggies. You can use either fresh or frozen variety but obviously fresh is always a better solution. The best thing is that you can prepare them the night before so you can drink them on your way to work (even though the best way to eat breakfast is in your dining room, slowly). 

Whole grain cereal is also a great healthy breakfast option for a productive day. It is easy to prepare and quick so you will have enough time to eat healthily and continue with your morning beauty routine.

Starting your day with low-fat protein in the form of hard boiled eggs, lean meat or plant protein like tofu or nuts is a great way to give your body enough energy for the day ahead. You can combine it with low-fat dairy, skim milk or low-fat yogurt and voila! You are ready to seize the day!

Avoid skipping meals

Never skip meals, even if you are dealing with strict deadlines and busy schedule. You will cause fatigue and low energy and therefore low productivity levels which will only make it harder to get things done. In order to be healthy and stay motivated and energized throughout the day, you need to supply your body with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and necessary proteins. Skipping meals won’t help you lose weight; it will have a completely opposite effect. If you want to eat healthily and control your weights, include healthy WPC powder into your diet.

Drink more water

Hydrating your body is crucial to staying healthy and increasing your productivity levels. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. What helped me a lot (because somehow I always forget to drink water) is purchasing a BPA free water bottle with a cute motivational message in cursive font “drink more water.” Also, consider cutting back on caffeine (a morning cup of coffee is generally okay as long as you skip the afternoon one) to avoid over stimulating your brain when it is time to rest.

Usually, we tend to sabotage ourselves unknowingly – with our food choices, unhealthy fast foods or lack of food in general and by the time we become aware of what we are doing our body suffers. It is time to start taking care of your health, fuel your body the right way and nourish your brain with healthy choices! No more excuses!

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