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Never too late: How to buy your first crypto currency


Crypto currencies should be a conscious investment choice. Block chain, mining, decentralization – all of that sounds difficult, but in fact these are essential concept severy first-time investor should be aware of in-order to allocate the funds wisely. So, what does it take to make as mart investment in crypto currency? And finally, where should you buyBitcoin or any other crypto currency with little effort and risk?

Among novice users, the safe stand most wide spread method of purchasing crypto currency is via are put able exchange platform.

How exchange platforms work?

A crypto currency exchange is the immediate venue for traders, miners, investors and people who simply need to convert the crypto coins to traditional fiat money. All of the muse exchanges either for the purpose of earning or cashing out.

Crypto currency market vs. Stockmarket

Crypto currency market acts in the same way as the stock one, where traders capitalize on the price changes. However, crypto currencies are significantly more profitable than their traditional analogues since they are prone to higher volatility.

Let’s say, an investor in the traditional market may earn a decent profit from fluctuating stock prices that grow by approximately 9% annually (which is a good index). Meanwhile, on the crypto market where the currencies can rise by up to 20% per day (and times higher per year), a trader may receive a staggering ROI and knock up a fortune. But this is one side of the coin! The crypto currency market might as well fall sharply in value overnight and leave the investor holding an empty bag.

Some traders opt for several exchanges to carry out daily operations. So the yearn not only from daily price fluctuations butals obene fit from the difference in exchange rates offered by various exchanges. This is called arbitrage trading. Still, in the traditional market, traders follow just the same strategies, so there is nothing fundamentally new.

For customers to observe the market changes involving a desired crypto currency, some exchanges of ferreal-time graphs that allow you to track the fluctuations in the fullest details. Traders use them to determine the most appropriate time for entering the market.

Where to start?

User-friendly Crypto currency Exchange

To date, there is a sufficiently large selection of exchanges that provide more or less the same conditions on the market. But there are also those that favorably differ from the others. Especially if you renew to this business. Meet the British crypto – exchange CEX.IO. This platform is really one of the best.  It is available in many countries around the world, and for 5 years, it has earned the trust of almost 2.5 million customers. Their interface is simple enough to understand and navigate through. When it comes to the choice of crypto currency, here are 8 popular coins that you can buy/sell for USD, EUR, GBP and even RUB.

Other features of CEX.IO

This platform serves two purposes – exchanging and trading.

Easy payments

The platform offers a variety of payment options. The functionalities of bank cards, SEPA, SWIFT, and wire transfers are all at the disposal of users. Clearly, the exchange also allows for deposits and withdrawals in crypto currency as well.

Instant exchange

For those who do not want to engage in crypto currency trading, the platform offers an instant exchange option. The users imply enters the amount of cryptocurrency, selects the trading pair, and completes the transaction in several clicks. Thought the fee for this service will cost you 7% charged from the amount of fiat money you operate with.

Cross-platform trading

Whether on the goor late at night, you can still engage in trading with CEX.IO using a full-featured mobile app and custom-tailored API solutions (both for individuals and institutions).

Trading with leverage

Users are also allowed to make use of the margin trading option for maximizing their profit. The maximum leverage available with CEX.IO is 1:3. As of today, only BTC, ETH and BCH pairs are available for trading on margin.

Affiliate rewards

CEX.IO provides are referral program. If a customer attracts other participants to the platform, he/she earns a certain percentage on their exchange operations. Basically, all you need to do is to share a referral link. The reward runs at up to 30%.

Additional options

For external websites looking to extending their functionality, CEX.IO offers an opportunity to embed a cryptocurrency donation system or a Bitcoin price widget.

Convenience and safety

For 5 years in a row, CEX.IO has been implementing advanced security measures and providing full-service availability to their customers. The security of online transactions is ensured by the SSL technology, data encryption, two-factor authentication, cold storage and abidance by regulatory rules and PCIDSS policies. CEX.IO follows the requirements outlined by KYC and AML policies. Ontopofit, the company has been awarded a number of certificates and licenses and the MSB status within FinCEN.

As for convenience, the interface is simple, responsive and easy to navigate. There are 6 interface languages, including Russian and Chines. This allows users from different countries to interact with the website intuitively.

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