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How you can improve (and keep) your employees’ loyalty


It’s difficult as a business owner and employer to ensure the smooth-running of all areas of business at all times. During times when employers may be concentrating on managing the budget of the company and drawing in new clients, employees may feel neglected in the background if management focus is elsewhere. Over time, this can break down into a lack of motivation, trust and loyalty. Once lost, loyalty is a hard thing to gain back from a team of employees, which is why it’s essential to make the right steps from the very start.

Have you provided the right training?

Employees need to know that you consider their training important and have taken the time to think of their needs. This, naturally, breeds loyalty. An employee will feel alienated and uncertain if they are not provided with the adequate training, and it will lead to lack of trust they have in you as an employer if you cannot find the time to train employees where relevant.

Do you recognise and reward hard work?

Employees will want to stay working for a company which recognises the difference they are making and doesn’t overlook their hard work. Loyalty will quickly fade if an employee feels underappreciated, and this may even spur them to look for another position elsewhere with another company. Recognition and reward can be done in various ways, but often it’s as simple as a positive review, a smile and a show of gratitude. Fun rewards can be offered at certain times of the year, such as corporate gifts provided by Perfect Feast.

Are you always open and honest?

As an employer, you don’t want to offer any opportunities for employees to doubt you. While you are not required to share every business decision with your employees or keep them updated with your every move, it’s important to be open and honest wherever necessary. This can be through a quick morning update meeting or keeping your employees updated on important matters regarding the company through a quick email or brief chat. Even if the subject matter is problematic or negative, employees will be more loyal to management who have spoken openly about any issues rather than tried to hide them.

Do you offer support and show willingness to listen?

A positive working environment comes from employees feeling secure that they have management in place who care about their needs. Making small steps to promote openness and invite employees to talk about any problems or feedback regarding the business means that employees will feel more trusting of you, and in turn, more loyal to you. Checking in regularly with your employees means that they know you care.

This also benefits you as an employer, as it means employees are more likely to inform you of any issues or conflicts which arise within the business team so that you can take relevant action. It keeps you in the loop as well as working the other way around.

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