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  • best home businesses fad diets | Women in business

    Fad diets and Successful Women

    If only there was a diet where eating chocolate 24/7 was acceptable. Unfortunately there isn’t, but there’s no shortage of fad diets. Dieting has been a fascination for many women, with it having an extreme interest in the 1800s...

  • Lauren Bacall | Business Woman

    Lauren Bacall | a true business woman

    The ultimate in sophistication and class: Lauren Bacall. Today the world lost one of its most beloved actresses, the peerless Lauren Bacall. During the 1950s, Bacall rose to prominence as an actress, appearing in a number of popular films...

  • Eva Chen | Editor in Chief

    Eva Chen | Condè Nast’s youngest editor-in-chief

    In high school, Eva Chen was expected by immigrant parents to look towards careers such as finance, engineering and medicine. However, after a summer internship at Harpers Bazar between her junior and summer year, Chen realized those career goals were not...

  • How to stop dumbing yourself down

    Why it’s OK to quit

    The word ‘quit’ is not a favourable term in the business dictionary. But sometimes it’s OK to quit. In fact, quitting can be a good thing, and if you don’t know how to quit – you won’t make it....

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