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How to make sense of the digital offers that come your way


Given the rate that things change in the digital world, there is always something new being launched, an amazing special offer or a bargain that is alleged too good to be missed out on. But what does this all mean? What offers are real and meaningful and which should be avoided. And most importantly, how can you actually tell if you are getting a proper return on your investment? These are all important questions, and, given the rate of change in the digital arena, ones that are not always easy to answer. But if these are things that you are pondering, here are a few tips to help steer you in the right direction.

Optimising for search

Search engine optimization is a big thing as it the sites that are ranked highest in Google searches have a major competitive advantage over their rivals. But because search engine optimization is complicated there are plenty of outfits who will offer you the best SEO packages Australia has ever seen. You pay your money and you can never be properly sure of the benefits that you received. Well, in this instance the results are best tested online. Set a benchmark by clearing your cache and typing your company name into Google. Look and see where it ranks in the search results. Then engage with the experts and let them work their magic. Once they have, clear your cache again and run the same search. Have you gone up or down in the rankings? Or stayed the same. If you haven’t gone up, indeed if you are not in the top two results that are returned, then you probably haven’t got your money’s worth.

Growing social audiences

It is very easy to grow audiences on social media. There are plenty of sites that offer free followers or that will give you followers for a small fee. And many unscrupulous outfits will simply arbitrage the service. You pay $100 for some followers and they pay a click farm $20, making a handsome profit in the middle and not actually delivering anything except some bot followers. Followers need to be real and engaged and these are also metrics that you can verify online.

Analytics and numbers

Running a website without analytics is a bit like flying an airplane at night without any instruments – it is close to impossible and you are almost certainly going to crash and burn. There are plenty of people who will offer you analysis and analytic services, but before you engage with any of them, look to get Google Analytics plugged into your site. This is a great service and it is free. And, it is actually very easy to use and to understand. It will measure your website traffic; it will let you know which pages are popular; it will tell you how people are ending up on your site and where they are going to when they leave. The information available is bountiful and before you engage with anyone about an analytics service, make sure that you have seen what GA has to offer.

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