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How game developers can better appeal to women


According to a report on the demographics of gamers, a significant amount of the gaming population is made up of women. As of 2018, in the United States, 45% of those who play video games are women. This is a massive increase from 2006, in which just 38% of gamers overall were women. It’s even a big step up from 2017, in which just 42% of gamers were women.

Game developers across all genres are figuring out how to appeal to women and that includes the online casino industry. Like many game types and genres, online casino is perceived to be a very male-focused area. But how can it get more women playing its games?

Focus more on mobile

First and foremost, casino game developers can focus more on mobile devices. Many working women do their work abroad, meaning that they will be away from their computers and, therefore, playing online casino games on mobile may be the only way in which they can interact with these types of games.

We are already seeing some movement on this front, however, it should be noted. In this review of Spin Palace, this online casino is described as having an “extensive” offering of slots, with hundreds of different games on offer. There is both an app and a mobile site, so even if travelling women are unable to download a piece of software, they will still be able to enjoy their favorite slots on the go.

Include more female characters

Casino game developers could also make more of an effort to include additional female characters. The entire video game industry struggles with this and Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft was the only notable female lead for some time. But the casino game industry could and should take charge if it wants to appeal to female gamers.

Again, there has already been some progress. For example, popular casino game developer Microgaming features a female super spy in its James Bond-inspired title, Agent Jane Blonde, and there is even a progressive slot themed around the superhero Wonder Woman.

Female gamers represent a growing sector of the industry. The online casino industry is doing its bit but this needs to be kept up in order to ensure women keep flocking to playing these games.

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