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How game developers can better appeal to women


According to a report on the demographics of gamers, a significant amount of the gaming population is made up of women. In the United States, for example, 45% of those who curently play video games are women. This is a massive increase from 2006, in which just 38% of gamers overall were women. It’s even a big step up from 2017, when just 42% of gamers were women.

A couple of decades ago, gaming was considered a mere pastime and was typically frowned upon as an unproductive activity. But these days, gaming is considered entertainment and has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. Gone are the days when gamers were considered outcasts. Now, the best of the best earn millions through tournaments and endorsements. Having said that, the gaming industry is only about to get bigger and more sophisticated in the coming years. And if you have a gaming-related business, how do you capitalise on the best digital marketing strategies?

Modern marketing techniques for the gaming industry

The gaming industry is comprised of various niches and sub-genres. In the same way, digital marketing efforts also need to be specific to each genre. For example, there’s SEO igaming for online-based gaming sites. SEO can also vary depending on the content of each website. In addition to SEO, marketing techniques for gaming websites also leverage heavily on user engagement. But digital marketing shouldn’t be complicated for gaming websites. By correlating the factors for growth and marketing as a whole, it’s easier to identify the potential for successful digital marketing within the gaming industry.

Mobile is the top trend

Mobile gaming is a massive market and accounts for about 51% of global revenue. Gaming companies and developers often release mobile versions to tap into this market. And when it comes to digital marketing, one of the most effective ways to promote a brand or a new game is by partnering with influencers. These gaming influencers usually have millions of followers on social media. By merely playing or reviewing a game on their channel, they can create huge interest and promote a brand with ease.

Female gamers are making their mark

Online gaming used to be a testosterone-driven industry. But these days, it’s quite common to see female gamers making their mark. Younger generations are more tech-savvy, which means that gender is no longer an indicator of who is more interested or better at gaming. On YouTube, for example, there are plenty of famous female gaming influencers that marketers partner with to promote games and other related content.

When it comes to content, video is preferable

Content marketing for the gaming industry is unique because the focus is on producing and publishing videos. It makes sense because gamers who want to know how to play or whether a game is worth their while would rather watch someone in action than read an informational article. Indeed, if your goal is higher engagement, your marketing strategies should focus heavily on video content. How important is video content, you say? If you browse top channels on YouTube, you’ll notice that many of them publish gaming content.

Inclusivity is key

In a world where brands aim towards social consciousness, gaming companies are also taking a similar route. Breaking stereotypes in the gaming industry took some time. And while there are brands making headway when it comes to inclusivity, others still prefer a more traditional approach. Marketing experts shouldn’t be limited by their niche. By promoting inclusivity, the brand will attract more users and spread into untapped markets with significant growth potential.

Include more female characters

Game developers could also make more of an effort to include additional female characters. The entire video game industry struggles with this and Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft was the only notable female lead for some time. But the casino game industry could and should take charge if it wants to appeal to female gamers.

Again, there has already been some progress. Female gamers represent a growing sector of the industry. The game industry is doing its bit but this needs to be kept up in order to ensure women keep flocking to playing these games.

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