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When to get contractors into your office


Business owners are often highly motivated, capable people. If you add to this the self-sufficient and “I can do it” attitude of women who become business leaders, you end up with some quite formidable character traits. You may be used to forging your own path, relying on yourself, and picking up new skills as you need them. This is particularly true for those who run small home businesses, or sole trader-ships, who must learn to solve most problems by themselves. Many small business owners become trouble-shooting geniuses out of sheer necessity. However, when your business expands and you find yourself needing to work on a premises – perhaps in a small office with a few staff – your ways of working may need to shift. One of the most important skills for business owners to learn is that of useful delegation. As your business grows, you simply will not have capacity to do it all yourself, and getting used to that can be difficult.

As this is true for your business operations, it is equally relevant to dealing with any issues that may arise in your working space. As an independent, self-sufficient entrepreneur, it may be tempting to try and save money by solving problems yourself (even if it means acquainting yourself with the basics of plumbing). However, whilst there are some issues you can fix with DIY, there are others where it will prove much more time and cost effective to simply hire an expert. After all, your employees won’t thank you for attempting to fix the toilet, especially if it goes wrong. Below are a few areas where it will be much easier in the long run to call in contractors, rather than trying to solve a problem by yourself.


Mention of toilets may seem gross and played for laughs, but clean and working sanitary facilities are one of the most important elements of an office environment. It’s one of those areas which should go unnoticed as long as it’s functioning properly – but as soon as it fails, it completely disrupts the entire office. Having safe and pleasant facilities is not only hygienic, but improves staff morale and the general atmosphere of the office. If your plumbing fails, it can cause unpleasant odours, uncomfortable situations and a lack of cleanliness. Though simple blockages may seem easy to fix, plumbing is actually a trade skill most of us underrate. If you’ve ever spent hours under your sink staring at it in dismay, you’ll understand. Rather than dealing with complex pipes yourself – and potentially springing unexpected leaks in other areas of the building – it’s absolutely worth calling in the experts for this one.


Though plumbing may be gross and unsanitary, attempting to deal with electrical issues yourself is positively dangerous, and should never be attempted. Quite apart from the risk of physical injury to yourself, from electric shocks or any falls that come as a result, electric wiring can be very confusing and complex. You are far more likely to cause a power loss to the rest of the building than you are to fix your specific problem. It’s worth researching electricians to find the best service in your area. This is one area you absolutely do not want to skimp out on. After all, if your electricity cuts out, access to lighting, power, internet – all the elements a business needs to operate – will be affected.

Internet & data

Internet connections can be unreliable, frustrating beasts. Have you ever shouted at your computer as it showed full bars of signal, whilst not working at all? Working, high-speed internet is absolutely essential to the smooth running of any business. Slow or broken connections can be one of the most frustrating things to deal with for both you and your staff. It lowers productivity and causes feelings of helplessness which are not conducive to a good working environment. Of course, unless you are a tech genius, this is not an area you will be able to fix yourself. Internet issues can be a frustrating problem because it feels ‘invisible’ – and basic troubleshooting software can often have a mind of its own. It’s more likely that you are dealing with a hardware problem, and this is when it’s time to get the Network Cabling Contractors in. Fibre optic cables can drastically improve your internet speed, and help improve the quality of video calls – which for many businesses are an invaluable means of communication.

Structural issues

Changing the layout of your office by moving desks around and altering the configuration of a room is a task which you can complete yourself. It can also be very rewarding to find the most efficient and morale-boosting set up for a room. However, if you discover any structural issues to your office or its wider building, you should immediately call in outside help. Many small business owners can be reluctant to report potential issues. After all, it may lead to temporary or even permanent loss of residence as the building is made safe – a process which can last months depending on the issue at hand. However, if you have the relevant business insurance, you should be able to claim alternative premises for the duration of any work needed. Part of being a responsible business owner lies in protecting your staff and facing up to any issues – you cannot ignore structural problems which could potentially make a situation unsafe for you or any of your employees.

Security breaches

If you work in a sensitive area, or if you are aware of potential competitors who may want access to your business model, security can become a priority. It may seem like the stuff of James Bond movies, but security breaches are an important consideration for any business. If you are concerned you have a security breach within your working space, either technologically or through a member of staff, your first port of call should be an external investigator. Trying to deal with such matters internally could leave you vulnerable, or even open you up to lawsuits and HR problems down the line. Finding an objective, impartial body to help solve this problem is the only solution which will help safeguard your business from both internal and external threats.

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