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Corporate gifts: should you give gifts to your customers?


This concise guide outlines when it is a good idea to give corporate gifts to customers and business partners, and the benefits for relationships.

Gift-giving is an essential part of socialising with friends and family, but in the context of a commercial relationship you might have questions about its suitability. So should you line up corporate gifts to hand out to customers and clients? And if so, what gifts will make the biggest impact?

Building strong foundations

The main reason to supply corporate gifts to customers is to create a positive association in their minds with your business or brand. They will be more likely to remain loyal and return to buy your products or use your services again if they feel that they have been treated in a considerate way, with a gift acting as a token of this bond.

It is no surprise that this type of gifting is worth over $125 billion annually; it is simply a strategy that works and one which has been reinforced over decades of experimentation.

Perks of promotional corporate gifts

In addition to letting customers know you care, the right promotional corporate gifts provided free of charge can effectively convert the recipient into an ambassador for your brand.

Wearable corporate gifts are especially effective in this regard, whether in form of t-shirts, hoodies, stationary or even sunglasses. Check out this page for an overview of the kinds of cutting edge branded gifts that are available to boost your business’ visibility every time they are worn.

Furthermore promotional corporate gifts have a longer shelf life than most other forms of advertising; on average they stick around for at least eight months, meaning that with minimal investment it is possible to have a lasting impact.

Flexible gift giving

It is worth remembering that your gifts need not just involve tangible products, but can also extend to other areas. For example, you could provide free access to experiences for customers in return for their loyalty. This might include sports events, music concerts, museum exhibits or anything else which is relevant to the industry in which you operate and the values which your brand upholds.

Indeed in the case of this flexible approach corporate gifts have the opportunity to tailor your offering more appropriately to the tastes and needs of individual customers. It is this kind of personalisation which is not just seen as valuable by a growing number of consumers; it is quickly becoming a standard expectation.

B2C & B2B corporate gifts

Giving corporate gifts to customers is clearly a sensible move, but it can be equally useful as a means of establishing relationships with clients and business partners that work in tandem with your brand.

Even if the corporate gifts are simply a symbol of the important connection between two companies, it will be surprisingly potent and act as a reminder of all the positive achievements which have been made together.

However you look at it, there is no doubting the advantages that come with giving gifts to customers of all kinds. This is true in almost every commercial context, which is why it is also something that should be carefully considered to ensure optimal impact is achieved with the chosen gifts.

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