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How to help your video go viral


When you want to deliver information to your audiences in a fascinating, engaging and informative way, there are fewer better media than video. Video marketing has long been a staple of the marketer’s toolbox, and it is pretty easy to see why.

With video, you can easily get a point across in a way which tends to make a rather more lasting impression than if you were to use, say, the written word. What’s more, with video you can use colours to give a much bolder first impression than you can otherwise achieve. But how can you make sure that your business is using video marketing in the best way possible?

To answer that, let’s take a look at some of the key things you should do to make the most of video.

Preview it

Studies have shown that allowing an audience a slight preview of the full-length video further increases comprehension of the information contained in that video. This means that marketers can easily make their efforts go further simply by giving a little taste beforehand. There are a number of ways in which you can achieve this particular goal. If you are showcasing an advertisement on television, then you can use a drip campaign to introduce the video teasingly before showing it in full. Similarly, for a YouTube video, you can use a thumbnail maker to create a preview of the video which is more likely to draw people in.

If you are looking to create a video that goes viral, you need to think about what it is that actually causes these things to become international sensations. More often than not, you will find, there is some kind of story involved. Of course, all videos tell a story – you need to make sure that yours is particularly captivating, right from the start. You want your brand in there, of course, and whatever you are selling, but you need the video to mostly centre around the story itself, as this is how you will encourage the video to truly become viral. And once it has done so, then your brand can reap the rewards.


We all know that SEO is an important part of website design, but did you know that you can use SEO for video too? Of course, if you are hosting the video on your web page — and you should — then you can do both. But no matter where the video is, make sure you are using certain tags which are likely to link back to your own business. A video which hasn’t been tagged is much less likely to do its job, so you need to bear this in mind. You also need to think carefully about the description that you post alongside your video, as this makes a huge difference to your SEO health. You want your video to be easily discoverable, as that is the whole point — so think about what people might search for in relation to it.

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