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Avoiding burnout is simple, so why do we let it happen?


There was a time in our lives where we all believed we were invincible. That time was usually our teens. It was a time of carefree living, and by that we mean dangerous levels of wine and even more dangerous levels of pizza. Then we hit our mid-20s. We started to slow up a bit. We began to accept that we are, in fact, mortals. We learned there is no such thing as invincibility. Or did we?

The typical person works far beyond the recommended hours each week. The very, very maximum any of should be working is 48 hours each week, yet so many of us push past the 60 hour mark in a way that suggests we believe we are immortal again. We push ourselves to limit on every front; being a great employee, a great homeowner, a great host, a great community member, a great parent, a great partner. We push ourselves until we find out that there is such thing as burnout and that we are more vulnerable than we care to believe.

Burnout is caused by stress. Stress is bad. Stress is one of the main causes of heart failure, insomnia, obesity, diabetes and a whole book full of other nasty conditions. What we’re trying to say is, you need to start learning the main ways of managing stress levels.

1. Take the stress off your mind

It is not so much external factors that cause stress as much as it is our reaction to these external factors. We get so pent up about things like deadlines and presentations and time-pressures and these have a way of setting of alarm bells in our body.

The best way to counter this is through positive thoughts and positive actions. For example, when things at work start to slip away from ideal, take a moment to focus on the great things in your life. Maybe even write these down. Another thing you can do to help yourself is putting in place solutions to our problems. It could be you’re a manager, or a new business owner, with too much on your plate; why not look to relieve that pressure by outsourcing certain things like HR duties and IT support.

Another fantastic step to take is learning how to say no.

2. Take the stress off your body

We rely a lot on our physical health, more than most of us care to accept. But if not given an outlet, stress can take its toll on your age, your sleep, your immune system, everything. This is why it is so crucial you allow yourself time to relax, in whatever form that may be.

The first thing you should do, is improve your diet; after all, we are what we eat. Eat more fruit and vegetables, more fish, more seeds, and more superfoods. A healthy body will affect your mind a surprising amount and lay the foundation of having a productive week.

The other major change you can make in your life is to do with exercise. This is the most effective way of releasing stress. This doesn’t mean you should run a marathon every time you have a rough day; but when you do feel yourself getting stressed, get your endorphins flowing. Take a walk around the office, go for a jog, or a swim, dance maybe, or even just stretch. Just make sure you get your blood moving and you’re taking deep breathes. It will work wonders.

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