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How introverts can use social media for success


The people who are quietest often have the loudest minds, so being timid need’nt be a disadvantage. It is thought that those who have the gift of the gab gain themselves more opportunities in business. However, being a chatterbox is no longer the only way . Thanks to social media, the introverted businesswoman has a new opportunity. She can advance within her industry with online prospects. Personal discomfort with shyness is eliminated with social environments becoming a less daunting experience.

Building an online presence, increasing business contacts and achieving visibility that could be difficult to achieve through face-to-face interaction can be achieved with these five key factors.

Know your purpose


Understanding  social media’s importance will ensure your success online. Narrow down what you want to establish and gain. You might want to have a message be spread among a wider audience, learn from other successful leaders within your industry, attract new clients or you might want to even search for a new job opportunity to further your career prospects. Whatever the purpose is, make sure it is clear. And then target your social media channels and approaches towards that purpose.

Find a social media mentor


Form a friendship with a social media guru, which will allow you to become knowledgeable about the social platforms you are opening yourself up to. Ask your social media coach for tips on how you can gain a higher following on twitter or how you can form connections with LinkedIn users. Advice from someone who has experienced success is the best way to learn quickly. If you can’t find a personal mentor, start following the advice blogs of social media experts.

Don’t be selfish


Social media is a community where everybody helps one another. Ask yourself this: ‘What can I offer?’ Understand that reciprocity is highly valued among social media users. Sharing other’s content is a highly praised practice. It’s a ‘scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ approach that will build your connections.

Keep at it


Success is a result of persistence. Many new users give up before gaining all that social media has to offer. It can be a long-term process with results going unnoticed to begin with. Involvement needs to be continuous with a commitment to your social media websites. Dedicate at least 10 minutes every day. If you procrastinate or ignore your accounts you will be forgotten, with opportunities becoming lost. Social media keeps on moving, with or without you.

Exchange with others

Don’t be frightened to engage in conversation. Talk to people who you could see yourself working with or converse with colleagues both past and present. Social media is a great way to form contacts and strengthen your existing ones. Online communications are excellent for introverts, because the realm of social media provides a comfort blanket for face-to-face encounters. It provides a starting point for conversation and a more relaxed atmosphere.


A simple personality trait such as being an introvert shouldn’t restrict your success. It’s all about who you know within business, which means meeting people is vital. Thanks to social media, meeting people goes beyond shaking hands at events or functions. Social media is a valuable safety net for all those reserved yet passionate businesswomen.

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