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HR basics for your small business


The moment your small business employs a single member of staff, HR becomes of utmost importance, not only to ensure that your company is compliant with the rules and regulations enforced on even small businesses, but also as a means of successfully managing employees to deliver the product or services your company is offering. The costs to your business of ignoring these crucial policies and procedures can mean the difference between success and failure.

Your staff are a valuable resource to your business.  Recruitment costs money and a high turnover of disgruntled staff can cost you your reputation.  Staying on top of your legal obligations as an employer protects both you and your business and creates a safe environment for your staff.

Having the basics in place gives you the tools you need to attract, hire and manage employees.


A new survey has found that as many as two in every three business managers admit to struggling when it comes to recruiting staff. It’s important therefore to understand how to attract the best candidates for the role you are offering.

There are various ways of streamlining the process to save you valuable resources.  For positions which are likely to attract a lot of applicants, business owners should consider investing in an online screening process to help narrow down the application pool. Qualifying questions, requests for samples of work and or a cover letter can all help to sift through the pile quickly.


Payroll is a complicated and time-consuming part of any business. Whether you employ one member of staff who is paid the same salary every month or several members of staff with a complicated hourly rate and high staff turnovers, there are regardless, complicated legal and tax requirements that must be adhered to.

There are of course payroll systems that will do all the necessary calculations, produce payslips and send tax returns for you and this is often a sound investment in terms of time and money for many business owners, both large and small. However, if you need help with Payroll, try finding a good company that offers options for small businesses, as every business is different. Therefore, you should make sure you properly evaluate your options before deciding on payroll software.

Staff handbook

A necessary evil, a detailed and orientated staff handbook protects you and your business legally, provided you yourself follow the policies outlined within its pages.  Fear not, as there are many versions available online which you can then simply tweak to fall in line with your business and work culture. Should you feel inclined to create a document which your staff may actually enjoy reading, then find examples of employee handbooks here.

Effective performance management

Having a solid process for monitoring managing your employee’s performance will help keep things running smoothly and ultimately benefit your business. Make sure your staff have measurable objectives that not only give them clear and defined objectives, but also the opportunity to be high performing.

These are just some of the basic requirements that can significantly improve the day to day running of your small business and help ensure your continued success.

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