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4 Reasons Hubspot is the best crm option for your small business


Running a small business can be tough, especially in today’s competitive world. Most new and small businesses have limited resources and thus are not able to invest in some hi-tech tools necessary to run and grow their businesses. However, having the right tools is not optional for success and as a small business owner, you must find tools that will help you grow your business so it can thrive amidst the competition. One of the key tools that every business needs to succeed is a good CRM. CRM systems help in organizing the customer information, streamlining the sales process, sales forecasting, and customer segmentation, to mention but a few. There are several CRM systems that are both suitable and cost-effective for small businesses. This article highlights the benefits of using HubSpot CRM system as a small business.

Easy to use

HubSpot is easy to use even for those who have never used a CRM system before. It has a simple layout and this makes it easy to locate different features. Navigation is also pretty easy and straightforward. You can work your way through the entire system without any expert help. If you need help getting started, visit the HubSpot help & support section for some tips.


When comparing HubSpot vs Salesforce, HubSpot is more cost-effective, especially for beginners. This article on goes into more detail about the differences between the two, but according to the pricing structures on both websites in 2019, Salesforce packages start at $25 with a free trial whereas HubSpot has a package that is forever free. Therefore, with the latter, you can start using the system immediately without making any investment. However, you may require some paid add-ons as your business expands.

Integrate hubspot crm and hubspot marketing system

HubSpot makes it easy for you to integrate your CRM and marketing. When the two systems are integrated, the customer experience and the number of sales you make will improve. Some of the areas where you will notice improvements include lead generation, response time, and email marketing.

Integration with other systems

HubSpot allows easy integration with apps and systems that you use for your business such as social media, email, WordPress, shopping carts, live chat, and YouTube. Integrations are essential because they save time, promote accuracy, prevent duplications, enhance productivity and this leads to a more profitable company.

However, while HubSpot’s integration is free and effective, its features are limited. To get the most out of your integrations, consider integrating through a third-party website such as PieSync, which offers two-way sync that allows small businesses to gain a better view of their customers and boost profits. They offer advanced integration features. For instance, with their MailChimp and CRM integration, you can view who is on each list, customers who are on both lists, and who is subscribed and not subscribed before you sync your contacts.

HubSpot is free, easy to use and supports integrations, making it a good choice for small businesses. It would be a good starting point for beginners who are new to CRM and are looking for free systems to grow their businesses.

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