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3 Ideas to boost your subscription business


The subscription business model is becoming more popular by the day, changing entire industries that strive to accommodate this approach to doing business (Klipfolio). If you are running a subscription business of your own, you already know that it allows for better customer retention, consistency, and cash flow. However, there is no system that cannot be improved, so you should always look for ways to boost your business.

You can grow your subscription business by using specialized software, adding more content, or putting more power into your customers’ hands.

How to boost a subscription business right now: 3 Ideas to try

1.      Give your customers more control over their subscription

Personalization is one of the most important factors consumers consider when choosing a service provider today. Therefore, you need to give them as many options as possible to customize their subscription.

Start with the quality of the subscription by offering options beyond ‘free limited trial’ and ‘all-out’. This will have the additional benefit of creating several levels of subscription costs, which means you will be able to target a wider audience.

Another very important area where you need to offer your customers control is their privacy settings. Subscription services run on trust, so it’s essential that you make people trust you right away. Being transparent about your privacy settings and giving people a choice of how much information they want to share and what they will allow you to do with it will help you win their trust. You should also provide explanations of the security features your business uses to protect the payment information and personal data of your customers.

2.      Use sophisticated software to boost various processes

Automating various parts of the business process, from order processing to payments, is key to boosting the productivity of a subscription service. The first solution you should start using is automated billing software. It’s essential for this business model because subscription businesses need to distinguish between earned revenue and deferred revenue. This type of revenue recognition is rather complex to keep track of manually, so automated solutions offer the most efficient option for tracking your finances and compiling reports your business will need. You need to stay compliant with current and emerging accounting standards and robust billing software can be invaluable towards this goal.

You should also use specialized customer management software (CMS) and solutions to keep track of inventory and deliveries. Look for CMS solutions that provide a wide range of analytic tools as these can help you increase the efficiency of your marketing strategy.

3.      Offer valuable content

One of the most effective ways to use content to boost your subscription business is to include informative packages into your boxes. Note that these materials must go beyond the regular instructions on how to use the products. You need to offer additional value to your customers and provide something they need at the same time. For example, if you send out boxes of spices, include recipe ideas in every package. You should also consider starting something akin to a brand magazine. It can include the aforementioned recipes as well as articles on the history of spices and fun stories that mention them.

In the meantime, you also shouldn’t forget about the value of content marketing for customer retention. You need to have your own blog and send out email newsletters filled with similar valuable content. Be sure to include different types of customer surveys to gather more useful info about your customers, which you’ll be able to use to boost your business further.

Remember that the key to improving a subscription business is to improve the relationships with your customers. This business model relies on loyalty, so you need to focus on keeping people interested and preventing customer churn. Offering top-quality service and treatment that makes every customer feel special and valued is imperative to the success of your brand and business.

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