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Improve business communication with these tools


A major part of successfully running a business is finding ways to increase efficiency and office productivity. Investing in good business communication tools can greatly affect the way your team works and produces desired results. Here are some tools to consider, if you don’t already have them.

A Project management system

A good and effective project management system is one that helps all team members keep their files, tasks, and projects organized. They can track progress and time spent, as well as other analytics and metrics. The goal of such management systems is to have everything ready and accessible, reducing the amount of time employees spend on menial tasks, thus, increasing speeding up processes. And, they can help different team members or departments coordinate and collaborate on tasks in a clean and non-chaotic way.

Examples: Teamwork, G Suite, Office 365, Monday, Trello, etc.

Real-Time chats

Another important tool to boost internal business communication is a resourceful chat tool. These are mostly available through project management systems or as independent apps. And they will enable users to share and receive texts, audio, video, files, and documents. Having such a platform, members can collaborate, share ideas, and keep tabs on each other.

Examples: Google Chat, Slack, HipChat, Microsoft Teams, etc.

Notifications and alerts

Without notifications and alerts, employees won’t know of changes or new files shared. And so, making use of notifications becomes necessary. Again, like with chats, you can get notification features from the project management system being used. Another aspect to keep in mind is broadcast alerts for the whole team or company. These could be desktop pop-up notifications that inform a large group of time-sensitive or emergency messages such as breaking news, security warnings, etc.

Examples: Teamwork, Slack, SnapComms, InformaCast, etc. 

Video & voice conferencing

Voice and video conferencing tools can benefit both internal and external communications. You can use them to connect with other teams and offices in different locations. Or, with new investors and business contacts from various parts of the world. And, it can be used to provide customer support and service by working with different reps. Most of these tools come with scheduling, conferencing, recording, chat/messaging, screen sharing, and reporting capabilities.

Examples: Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.

Outbound calling

For external business communication, that is, when contacting customers either for lead generation or warm calling purposes, having an outbound calling software can come in handy. Such a service supports a high outgoing call volume ensuring that you make high-quality calls without any obstacles.

And, if you get the software from a virtual phone number provider that offers local, toll free, and international numbers, you can also purchase various numbers for different locations and then switch the caller IDs when calling. This way, locals see a local caller ID instead of an unknown number, which will make them more likely to respond.

Examples: United World Telecom (, Koala Calling, etc. 

Multimodal  communication

Multichannel business communication entails corresponding over email, chat, phone, instant messaging, etc. The point is to enable different ways to connect internally with each other as well as externally with customers through convenient and easy-to-use methods. You can do this by getting separate apps (one for texting, one for emailing) and integrating them together, when possible. Or, develop and create your own multi-channel app that connects all channels.

Examples: Twilio, etc. 

Intranet software focused on communications

A social intranet works as a central portal connecting and enabling internal communications between leaders and employees and across teams. They allow the sharing of files and announcements. And so, important and relevant information, documents, contracts, etc. can all be found in one place.

Examples: Communifire, Interact, etc.

Upgrade your business communication and improve workflow

It may take a while to find the right tools that users can quickly adapt to and enjoy using. But business communication tools are a must to ensure efficiency, productivity, time-conversation, and employee engagement. Consider experimenting with these tools and then adjusting them as required to make office life more enjoyable for you and your employees.

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Ainsley Pavee is a New York based financial and business consultant with a focus on assisting female business owners and entrepreneurs overcome hurdles that can hold them back.

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