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The insane pressures of creating content (and how to avoid them)


There’s no denying that digital content is one of the most effective ways to promote your business. In fact, it’s probably THE most. But it’s also overwhelming.With all the platforms (and all the competition on all the platforms), the trendy tactics that never quite feel right, the tech, and the feelings of “should” and “must”, the whole process can feel like a whistling pressure cooker about to blow.

And then when you’re spearheading every other aspect of your business too? Forget about it.I’m all for streamlining the madness, and making it easier (and dare I say it? FUN). I, of course, have a bag of tricks at my disposal but really it all boils down to common sense.

Plan it out

Mapping out your content ahead of time is absolutely essential, because – listen closely – content creation is not the end goal. It’s there to help you reach your business goals. A rock-solid plan will help you make sure the two are aligned.

I like 3 month content plans, both for myself and for my clients. For me, 3 months is short term enough to keep you inspired, and able to adapt to change, but long enough to let you see a bigger picture.

Stick to one core piece of original content

I see so many people trying to conquer every form of content. Stop it. You will never be able to keep up with every single platform.Instead, pick the one form of content you’re most naturally drawn to – audio, video, or written. I know you may be tempted to win at all of them, and we’ll get to that, but for now pick ONE format for your original content, and commit.

I always say that it doesn’t really matter how often you publish content, as long as you’re consistent. In other words, you can publish a post once a week, once a fortnight or once a month… just stay regular.

I also want to encourage you to weave some “quick win” content into your plan, such as:

  • Curated link posts, with a smidge of commentary from you.
  • Interviews, following a standard set of questions.
  • User-generated images and shout-outs.
  • Embedded social media posts or discussions.

Repurpose that one tasty morsel

So when I tell people to stick to one piece of content, they usually start rambling about how they want to have a podcast, and share all this live video content, and post these long-form posts on Facebook, and guest post all over the shop, and…. You get the picture.

You can do all of this. You can. What I’m saying is that you should create one piece of really high-value, high-impact content, and repurpose that to suit all your content needs. It doesn’t have to be one and done.

The nature of the internet beast means that you may well need to maintain a presence on multiple platforms, not every platform, but more than just one. That’s where repurposing comes into play. You can take that one jolt of genius  and turn it into a truckload of treats for your people.

Here are a few examples of workflows to get you going:

Example 1:

  • Publish a long-form blog post
  • Email a chunk of that blog post to your list
  • Pick out two main points and create short Facebook Lives on them.
  • Pull a handful of killer quotes, and turn them into shareable graphics for social media

Example 2:

  • Publish a video
  • Extract audio and share as podcast
  • Get the audio transcribed, and turn into a blog post
  • Pull out your key points and turn into micro-posts for your favourite Facebook groups

Example 3:

  • Publish a podcast
  • Get it transcribed and turn it into two posts – one for Medium, and one to be pitched as a guest post. You can use a free audio to text program to get it done automatically for you.
  • Transfer content into an infographic template and share on Pinterest
  • Paste into a presentation and upload to Slideshare

Get smart with it

So you’ve read my examples, and now you’re shaking your head in despair. I’ve added eleventy new ideas to your list, right? More stress. More pressure. More overwhelm.That’s where you’re wrong.

Your next step is to streamline your full content creation process – repurposing and all. Think about where you can automate, outsource, and cut corners.

  • Create templates for your emails, your quote graphics, your content upgrades, your show notes, your infographics, your presentations… everything. Canvais great for this.
  • Look at where you can delegate. Either take on a VA to help you with some of the formatting and uploading, or start even smaller. Outsource some research on Fancy Hands, or order transcriptions from
  • Promote more than you create. Each piece of your content, original or otherwise, could be bringing you traffic indefinitely, but only if you keep sharing it. I recommend using a social scheduler for this, like Buffer, or Edgar. This is one of things your VA can handle for you.

So we’ve mapped out the content you’re going to create. We’ve looked at how you can reuse the same stuff, and get more bang for your baloney. We’ve whipped up your workflow. Now you need to put it all on paper. Create a checklist of every single step that needs to be taken each time you create your content – I’d suggest using a tool like Trello to keep you on track, as you can easily duplicate a tick list under each piece of content.

Why a checklist? It helps you stay consistent, and on task when you’re busy or distracted. It will also help you delegate effectively, when the time comes to start building your team.

The biggest piece of advice I can offer is simply to calm down. You don’t have to be everywhere all the time. Choose your focus, streamline your process, and you really will start killing it with your content.

About Daire Paddy

Daire Paddy (pronounced Dara) is a creator of online content and all round ideas girl. She helps businesses create killer content and stay on the ball in the hectic world of digital media. She is a true word weaving genius and knows just how to takes her clients' thoughts and turn them into brilliant stories.

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