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Instagram marketing tips for mega growth


The year is coming to a close and now is the perfect time to sit down and plan out your marketing strategy for the New Year. Instagram has certainly changed a lot in 2017, so it is important that before Instagram gets anymore difficult that you ramp up your strategy to ensure that you can achieve mega growth whilst organic reach on the platform is still relatively easy to achieve. If you’d like to learn some proven strategies for mega growth on your Instagram account, keep on reading.


Have you collaborated with many people on Instagram this year? If your answer is less than a handful of people, you will definitely want to make this a priority for yourself in the new year. As a business owner there are plenty of ways you could collaborate. You could work with a business owner with a similar target market to you and a complimentary product or service, or you could also try Growthoid to grow your audience naturally.

You could collaborate with influencers or bloggers on some New Year campaigns. You could collaborate with other brands and host a giveaway or simply do an Instagram takeover. However you choose to collaborate, make sure that there is an equal benefit for the both of you and that you are working with people who have a genuine following on Instagram. 

Content quality

In 2018 you’re going to have to be mindful that Instagram is continuing to grow it’s user base and so, the stakes are higher. There are plenty of high-quality accounts on Instagram sharing beautiful images and videos. You are now competing with them for attention and you no longer have room to slack off.

Take some time out to either buy your own new camera or camera equipment, hire a photographer for your brand, OR purchase styled stock imagery to share on Instagram. Whatever route you decide to take, make sure that the content you are sharing to Instagram is telling a story about your brand and visually representing a feeling.

For example – if you own a beauty salon that offers facials and massages, make sure that the colours and imagery shared on your Instagram account make people to feel relaxed and at ease when they view your grid. 


One thing that we all seem to forget when it comes to our business digital marketing strategy is that Social Media is meant to be social. If you’d like to grow your Instagram following and improve your sense of community, have more conversations.

Go through your list of existing followers on Instagram and leave them a few lovely comments (if their profile is public). Then, go through the list of people who have liked or commented on your latest Instagram posts, and leave them a few comments too.

The next thing you should do is go through the Hashtags you are using on your posts, or at the very least the Hashtags that your target market are most likely to be searching through and posting within. Leave a few thoughtful comments on other people’s content and you are sure to receive a bit of traffic back to your account, if not a follow as well.

You could do this every second day if you’d like to, for around 15 minutes. Just a little bit of time spent conversing on Instagram can make a big difference for your account in the long-term.


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Mackayla Paul is an Instagram Marketing Specialist from Brisbane, Australia. In 2017 Mackayla was named one of the Top 50 Instagram Marketing Blogs in the world by Feedspot. If you’d like to read more of Mackayla’s blogs you can find them at Most recent (and applicable) e-book: Follow Mackayla on Instagram:

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