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As an employer, you are more than the person with the purse-strings. You’re just a figure of authority to your staff. You are a part of your team. The ‘first’ amongst them. Which means that you have to act like you’re the first amongst them. The direction you take should be the one the whole team follows in. To make sure that’s the case, you need to make sure you have the skills to lead. Skills like the ones we’ll look at right now.

Get the team together

Building your team doesn’t end when you’ve hired someone to fit every role. Honestly, that’s just the beginning. Their engagement and their ability to work together under you depends on how good your business is at team building. Some people naturally gravitate towards one another and become friends in the workplace. But you want everyone to be able to collaborate without any fuss. Sometimes, it’s as simple as organizing a beer and pizza night every month. If your business has some sort of annual corporate meeting, host it at a getaway hotel and frame the business side of the day with an evening meal out. Let people show one another the side of them that isn’t solely dedicated to work.

Pull a plan off

Finding that casual time with one another is very valuable. But when it’s work time, that team building can transform into something a lot more valuable. To make better use of them, your team needs direction. Especially when you’re dealing with a project that is going to be taking a lot of them outside of their natural comfort zones. Collaborative projects, in particular, are going to need a lot planning and supervision to make sure that every part of it is advancing as it should be. Using trainers with unprecedented customer service level and advanced training experience could help you build those project management skills that keeps the whole team focused on the objective.

Inspire productivity

Regardless of whether a big project is underway or you’re coping with the day-to-day challenges of the business, your people need to be able to pull their weight. But it’s not always their fault when they’re not able to. Make sure you’re taking a look at the workflow of the individual and what their barriers to productivity are. If they’re distracted by email or social media, designate times in the office where those devices aren’t used. If the tools they’re using for the job are slow, then look at replacements that are a lot more efficient. If they have too much on their plate, then try to help them prioritize or consider helping them delegate to someone with more free time or even some business process automation software.

Being a leader isn’t simple. It’s a mix of two jobs, really. One, you have first amongst the team, the leader when it comes to deciding what direction to go and how you do it. Secondly, you have to make sure the rest of the team is following along fine. Manage those two tasks and you’re officially the leader your business needs you to be.

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