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Making the most of your business trip to Rotterdam


Given the dynamic nature of the workplace today, people often find themselves in changing environments – either due to transfer, office rotation or for research purposes. Visiting a new place or changing location has expectations that can be determined by you. A place like Rotterdam is particularly exciting. But it is one thing to travel and it is another to make the most out of it. To make your stay in Rotterdam exciting while getting the best out of your work, especially if it is a somewhat extended stay, you should…

  • Rent an apartment

If you want to enjoy your stay, then you should rent a furnished apartment in Rotterdam. A comfortable apartment will go a long way in adding spice to your stay. It will set the pace for fun and accomplishments. In this regard, online housing agents come in handy. You get to see a variety of well-furnished apartments that will catch your fancy and not bore holes in your pocket. The apartments offer you comfortable living space and work-friendly environments. You will find apartments that suit your taste and match your pocket. They are well furnished and all you have to take there is your suitcase and files.

  • Go sightseeing

No matter how busy you get with work, you should create time to visit places of interest. There is the Maritime Museum Rotterdam; Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk, the remainder of Rotterdam’s medieval buildings, built in the 15th century; the Market Hall; the Cube Houses; the great art center, Museum Bojimas Van Beuningen, etc. This will make you learn more about the history of the place, the people, their culture and the city generally. They also provide an awesome background for great pictures.

  • Identify with associations

It is never a bad idea to join associations, clubs or religious bodies of interest when you visit places. This will give you a sense of inclusion and belonging and it is a great avenue to make new friends. There is also the joy in knowing that there are people you have the same interests and beliefs as you in a foreign place.

  • Make new friends

The people you meet in a place help to form your memories of the place. Making new friends is important. You get to meet people of like minds at work. If they are locals, they can tell you about the place and show you around. If they are not, you get to explore with them. It’s fun to have people around you that you can relate with.

  • Be focused

Don’t get carried away with the razzmatazz of your environment and the need to create fun memories and forget about what took you there. This may sound serious and a far cry from the above suggestions, but getting a query at work will do your career no good at all. Besides, nothing should meddle with your job, certainly not having fun.

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