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How marketing automation can leverage your brand message


You know that creating a brand message that resonates with your audience is crucial to long-term business success. But once you’ve developed a strong message, how can you leverage your message to maximize its potential value to your company? The answer? Marketing automation.

Leveraging your brand message through personalized, real-time interactions

Marketing automation platforms provide a variety of features that enable your business to remain directly engaged with your leads throughout the customer journey. Of those features, the most valuable is the ability to interact in real time and with personalized messaging.

By using detailed analytics and real-time data, these platforms give you the ability to structure your brand messaging in a way that truly connects with the leads and customers that you’re contacting.

Having the ability to connect with your customers on a personal level, and doing it in real time, helps ensure that leads are consistently exposed to and connected with your brand message.

But this connection doesn’t just help guide them through a personalized customer journey. It also plays an integral role in helping to increase the likelihood of those leads developing loyalty to your brand.

So, this simple feature within marketing automation platforms enables you to leverage your brand message in three ways:

  1. Helps you connect with your audience on a personal level
  2. Consistently exposes leads to your brand message
  3. Improves loyalty, which leads to higher customer retention rates down the road

How marketing automation helps you deliver personalized, real-time messaging

Marketing automation tools, such as Campaign Monitor, utilize the power of email marketing to help you deliver personal, timely, and relevant content to your leads and customers.  By generating and analyzing data from within your email list and from third-party apps, the platform enables you to customize messages to fit the unique needs of the recipient.

With their tools, you can easily perform A/B tests for campaigns, check out real-time reports, and continually build new segments that can contribute to the success of your campaign. Being able to dive into behavior analytics allows you to better segment your email list, which is a proven recipe for improving open and clickthrough rates.

In addition, Campaign Monitor allows you to control and decide exactly when and how you’d like to send your emails.

These control and customization features enable you to portray your brand message to leads and customers in a way that puts you in the best position to connect with them on a personal level.

Utilizing marketing automation to increase brand awareness

To truly leverage your brand message, it’s essential that you have a strategy in place to cultivate and develop brand awareness. One of the most important steps to bringing awareness to your brand is through your customer journey.

The thing is, far too many businesses build their customer journey from an internal point of view. Instead of focusing on how the customer wants to interact and grow with the brand, they focus on how they want the customer to interact with their business.

And it’s not always their fault. In many cases, businesses lack the customer data necessary to create the journey from the customer’s point of view. Fortunately, the powerful combination of marketing automation and email marketing changes this dynamic.

With the tools and analytics that are on offer, your business can develop your customer journey to align with actual customer data.  At the end of the day, what could be a more impactful way to leverage your brand message than by improving the conversion rate of your customer journey?

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