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Why all traders should make use of social media


Several years ago firms started to turn to social media as a way of communicating with consumers and investors. For many years businesses had ignored its benefits, but not any more. Now most of them embrace the social media platforms, no matter what type of trade or profession they are in.This leads to the conclusion that all traders should make use of social media, and there are several convincing reasons, including:

  • They can reach a bigger audience without spending a lot of money, getting their name out to the millions of users who interact on social resources every day
  • They will see if users are talking critically or positively about a particular product or service, which is information traders can use to buy or sell securities
  • Devastating news often appears on social media before it’s on the news feeds, often up to an hour before. This can give them the edge with their trading position

The whole concept of social trading networks works because they allow potential investors to interact with each other and with traders, just as they would interact with friends and family on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Research shows traders who fail to utilise social media are less likely to be successful than the traders that embrace it.

The social aspect of trading platforms

Social trading networks have not become so popular with traders by ignoring social media and its benefits. In fact, they do the opposite. Most of the more popular trading platforms encourage social interaction between its investors and traders, which can be a huge help to first time users who haven’t got a clue where to start.

If you are struggling to use these platforms, especially the social elements, it would be useful to find online help resources. For example, for more successful platforms such as ZuluTrade, many websites provide step by step guides on how to set up your account and use each element of the site. Help and advice from more experienced investors and traders can be invaluable when you are looking to invest for the first time, so if you don’t know how to reach out, make sure to look it up.

ZuluTrade even has a demo account option with the same features as a real account. Once the newbie has the information and advice they want, they can try out their newly learned skills without risking any money.

The negative of traders using social media

There is only one negative affect of traders using social media and that is the fact it gives everyone a place to share their opinion. Of course, that is the whole basis of the social aspect of any site, but when uninformed opinions are given, they can mislead people who don’t know much about the subject and affect the choices people make. Comments can be useful sometimes, but need to be treated with caution unless you know they are from a trusted source.

Should traders make use of social media?

All traders should make use of social media, but they should also have support to help correct any potentially misleading misinformation inexperienced people might post. Generally, the advantages of the social aspect far outweigh that one negative factor, so taking care of the situation will mean social media will enhance thetrader’s site, and potentially bring them many new investors.

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