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Mobilizing your business and why it will be good for profit


One thing that people tend not to think about when it comes to their business, is mobilizing it so that you can take your services to the customers rather than waiting for them to come to you. In this article is going to be how you can mobilize your business and why it will be good for profit.

First and foremost, let’s start off with the pros and cons of making your business more mobile so that you can weigh up if it will work for your business in particular.


  • You can take your business anywhere, meaning that you could choose a few weeks per year where you’re constantly on the road to recruit new custom to your business.
  • The customers that you currently have will be able to take advantage of what you’ve got to offer without having to leave their homes. These days, getting something delivered right to your door is becoming more popular by the day. No one has time to shop around anymore, so we prefer to do it from the comfort of our own sofa in the evenings.
  • You will be able to offer your service to people who can’t get out of their homes, meaning more chance of custom from everywhere.
  • With the use of technology in this day and age, wherever you go your business will follow you; therefore increasing the chance of more business being directed your way (even if your company vehicle isn’t with you).


  • Depending on what kind of service you’re offering to your customers, you might find that sales “in-store” decline because everyone is choosing to come to you online. This might mean that if you might have to decrease your staff if the demand for them reduces for a long period of time.
  • Getting the necessary equipment to mobilize your business might be an expensive step to take. For example, the technology alone would be expensive, never mind getting it set up for use within your business. Although, if you’re tech savvy you might already know how it all works and be able to do it yourself.

Mobilizing your business and why it will be good for profit

What steps do I take to mobilize my business?

Before you even begin to think about technology and how it’s going to work for your business, you might want to think about a truck hire so that you can get your name about on the road and generate some interest in what you’re going to be doing. Taking your company out to networking events with your truck filled full of the products or service that you’re offering will give you a chance to show off to potential customers. Keep an eye out for events that your company could set up a stall on, so that you can really begin to mobilize your business and trial what it will be like being on the road with your business. Once you have trialled this for a while, it might be worth thinking about purchasing trucks to transport all of your products.

Now that you’re set up on the road you can begin to think about the technology and everything else required to make the new service that you want to offer work. Here are a list of things that you will need to set up and purchase:

  • A company website
    Setting up a company website is imperative so that your customers can order your service online. You may already have a company website, and if you do that’s great and you can just expand from that.If you don’t have a website yet, it’s a good idea to get one set up. It’s really simple to do through the power of hosting with WordPress. All you have to do, is simply go and buy your domain name from a company like GoDaddy and set up WordPress hosting through them. Setting up your website should be a fairly straight forward process because of the user friendly interface that WordPress offers. When it comes to selling your products, you can use a service like Shopify to set up your online shop with ease.
  • GPS and other tech
    Once you’ve made some sales, you will need to purchase GPS for all of your trucks, so that you or your drivers will be able to find the customers home with ease. If you head to your local technology store you should be able to get a deal if you’re bulk buying.Some other technology that you will need to buy might include programs for people to track delivery of their purchase, signature receivers, mobile phones to ensure great communication between all staff, and radios so that drivers can talk to each other and help one another out if necessary.
  • Drivers
    If you’ve decided to get lots of vans and lorries on the road, and you’re delivering all over the country then you will probably have to hire some drivers to work for you. This would also be useful so that you could stay in the office and deal with other important tasks.When you’re employing drivers, be sure to check that they have a valid driver’s license and ask them to demonstrate their skills to you. You will also need to offer training to your drivers so that they can learn how to handle the large vehicles and the loads that will be going in and out of it daily.
  • Online marketing
    Since you’re going to be setting up an online store for your customers to purchase what they want from home, you should get the word about using social media and adverts.Set up social media accounts for each platform and use them regularly to generate interest and to keep people interacting with your company. However, doing this is quite time consuming so you might want to employ someone to do this, or even add it to their workload. Posting promotional offers and giveaways on your social media accounts will generate even more traffic to your website. Social media can be a very powerful tool if it’s used correctly. Think about who your target audience is, and make sure that the content you’re posting is aimed at them. This way you will be more likely to receive shares, likes, and interaction from them.

    When it comes to advertising, take yourself over to Google Adwords to generate adverts for your business. The great thing about using this service, is that Google generates adverts tailored to what that user has been searching. For example, if someone was looking for a new dining room table and that’s something that you offer, your advert would appear on websites that they browse. Plus, everyone uses Google these days, right? To really utilize and get the most out of advertising, check out this beginners guide to get you on track.

  • Mobile app
    If you really want to go all out with your business being mobilized, consider hiring someone to create a mobile app for your business so that people can browse through your services anywhere and at any time. Make it so that people could purchase from their phones too, which would mean more chance of you making a sale because more people these days choose to use their phones over their computers and laptops.

Mobilizing your business and why it will be good for profit


Why is mobilizing my business going to be good for profit?

It’s simple really. The further you’re reaching out to your customers, the more likely you are to generate sales. For example, if you are a sandwich company and you’ve decided to offer the option of delivery to people’s homes, then driving around in a company car/truck with all of your details on like your website, social media handles, and your phone number will allow people to research what you have to offer.

Not only that, if they decide to order from you, then you will be able to deliver it to the comfort of their own home. You will have made their lives easier; therefore they’re likely to recommend your business and also be a returning customer.

The final say

Mobilizing your business is a bit step to take, but take a look at the pros and cons from earlier on in this article. The pros outweigh the cons and the investment that you’re going to be making into your company will pay for itself in no time.

Don’t forget that keeping your service or products fresh and up to date will keep people interested in what you have to offer. Always have a business plan to introduce to your customers to maintain their interest.

Even though mobilizing will take a lot of time, effort and money, it seems that mobilizing is a wise step to take for your business. Think about mobilizing today and start reaping the profits you’ve always dreamed of. Good luck with mobilizing your business.

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