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Say goodbye to clickbait and hello to emotional marketing


Perhaps in the 90 and the early 2000s, online marketing was flourishing, and it seems like absolutely nothing could stop it. An entire industry of motivational speakers and training specialists were born out of the sudden rise of pixelated attention-grabbing techniques. Yet, like any industry, too much of a good thing might just be the thing that kills. The world of business is continuously changing and finding new ways to bridge the gap between the demand and supply. Just like any other fluid genre in business, marketing also evolved. Clickbait came which relied on the ‘gotcha’ kind of advertisement, more often than not proclaiming that a reward awaited anyone who clicked on the ad. It had a good run, but now, emotional marketing has grabbed the torch and is running with all the expectations of the marketing professionals talent. 

Belay the photo exaggerations

When you’re making an advertisement of pictures that will feature on a slideshow, it can be tempting to try and exaggerate them to grab the attention of browsers. It’s understandable as the average attention span of online shoppers isn’t very big. Contrary to what you might think, but after years and years of seeing these obviously photoshopped pictures that defy reality and over promise, users are quite used to them. How you can substitute the click-bait style for the emotional response tactic, is just to be honest. Rather than zooming in on a particular part of the picture, you’re using, how about a tweak to the depth of field. The subject that is in the center could be larger in general, and human subjects could be making eye contact. 

Forging the bridge

Okay, so if you’re going to try and grab the attention of online shoppers, in order to convert clicks to sales, you need something that they can relate to. Try to aim for the summit of the mountain, by showing them just that. Together, with the client, in meetings, you should discuss, what kind of feedback they get for their products and services. Look for the human connection, with regards to how their customers’ lives have been changed or might be improved. What is the real-life application of such a business? Online marketing companies have some of the best SEO copywriters which can help conform the keywords most shoppers are searching for and put them in your text. So, together with the keywords in the feedback from customers, you can form sentences with these keywords in them, relating back to the emotions loyal customers feel. 

Excitement from the source

Consumers react with a more positive tone to companies and brands when they’re treated with the utmost respect intellectually. Don’t treat them like a herd, because they’re all individuals who may buy the same products, but for different reasons. Show some excitement about an update you’re doing and will be releasing soon, on your social media accounts. Consumers can see, that you have passion and drive to improve what they will be spending money for.

Clickbait is being phased out, and it will look like a dinosaur compared to this much more human ways of marketing. Far from being lifeless, showing an interest in the trends customers are following with effective keywords in the advertisements, can make you instantly relatable. Show a bit of flair and love for what you’re doing, while also not exaggerating anything, because it will be seen through.

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