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How to efficiently manage your vehicle leasing


Vehicle management can be complex and cumbersome for a business. Due to the many types of vehicles, the differences in maintenance and leasing, the management systems of various enterprises are different, and there are many types of statistical reports, so vehicle leasing management must prepare a vehicle information management system to achieve intelligent mobile operation, and the corresponding plan must be formulated according to the specific situation of the enterprise.

To meet these business needs, GPS tracking and fleet management devices from providers like Digital Matter play an increasingly key role in maintaining fleet vehicles, mitigating the potential for damage and theft, reducing emissions, and helping fleet managers cut costs.

Traditional vehicle leasing is troublesome. The expansion of vehicle leasing enterprises and the expansion of service business are also severely constrained by traditional leasing methods and high leasing costs. The communication process between the enterprise and the customer is cumbersome and slow, and the leasing information of the enterprise and the feedback of the customer are not smooth. It has become a bottleneck in the development of the vehicle leasing industry, making the vehicle leasing inefficient and causing many problems such as information errors, resulting in unnecessary losses waste.

A fleet or leasing management app is a convenient method, reducing the cumbersome steps in the car leasing process. Similarly, this can solve the practical problems faced by the small and medium-sized car rental industry, and provide the company with a set of internal management and operation of the company’s own business system, while providing the ability to develop business outward, can be produced and displayed Belong to the company’s own promotional page. To a certain extent, it can also help enterprises to promote marketing and expand operations.

Features you should look for in a car management system:

  1. Car-sharing: satisfy users to use the wrecked cars multiple times in one trip.
  2. User self-order: put the car at the closest distance to the user, the user can reserve the car information through the mobile phone applet “smart car rental”, which simplifies the process of vehicle rental and improves the vehicle rental rate.
  3. GPS positioning: Realize real-time monitoring and scientific dispatching of rented vehicles, prevent lessees from bringing people to avoid bank debts, and minimize the risk of renting.
  4. Whole-process monitoring: to truly grasp the actual use of the Non-Running Cars, including trajectory records, parking and driving time, driving location, parking location query, etc.
  5. Vehicle scheduling: Check the vehicle usage in the location check, to reduce idling, and effectively use the vehicle.
  6. Expense reimbursement / settlement: full-time / part-time driver expense management, fuel costs, tolls, car wash fees, parking fees, overtime fees, restaurant fees, accommodation fees, etc. are recorded at any time, notes are uploaded, and the pen is clear
  7. Various report statistics: expense statistics report, driver attendance report statistics, vehicle statistics report, etc.
  8. SMS notification: the task of using the car, served by SMS, improve the task reminding efficiency. You can use business text messaging software for this purpose.
  9. Vehicle record: Use the vehicle record to query the vehicle start and end time, vehicle travel status, and check whether the mileage is within a reasonable range, thereby reducing fuel costs and transportation costs.

Fleet management: What do you need to know?

What is fleet management? It is a way of administration that helps to optimize transportation traffic in a variety of aspects. Fleet management may include such functions as:

  • vehicle condition;
  • fuel consumption;
  • driver’s behavior;
  • optimization of routes, etc.

If the company wants to reduce costs for transportation, it is impossible to do it without professional fleet management because this task needs system approach. However, good tracking software may help you in such a difficult situation. You may get more about fleet tracking software here. Usually, tracking apps are used in two ways: in a combination with a special vehicle tracker or in the form of a mobile app. Each variant has certain advantages, but there is one more way of combining both of them.

GPS tracking

The new GPS tracking apps are the most comfortable variant to use. Why is it so? You are free to choose any form of use that you like: it is possible to install this app on the driver’s cell phone (with the Android operating system, but the version for iOS will be launched soon) or to install it on a vehicle tracker and use some additional functions of this approach. Both variants will be good for you if you want to try some sort of efficient fleet tracking software.

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