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Modern fleet management


Today each person has a nice opportunity to define the location of any vehicle with the help of special devices or tracking apps for smartphones, and this function can be used for different purposes. The number of private and commercial vehicles is growing day by day, so it can be very difficult to avoid big traffic jams and car accidents. However, the fleet management may relieve this situation.

Fleet management: What do you need to know?

What is fleet management? It is a way of administration that helps to optimize transportation traffic in a variety of aspects. Fleet management may include such functions as:

  • vehicle condition;
  • fuel consumption;
  • driver’s behavior;
  • optimization of routes, etc.

If the company wants to reduce costs for transportation, it is impossible to do it without professional fleet management because this task needs system approach. However, good tracking software may help you in such a difficult situation. You may get more about fleet tracking software here. Usually, tracking apps are used in two ways: in a combination with a special vehicle tracker or in the form of a mobile app. Each variant has certain advantages, but there is one more way of combining both of them.

Uboro for Fleet Management

The new GPS tracking app currently offered by the Uboro company is the most comfortable variant to use. Why is it so? You are free to choose any form of use that you like: it is possible to install this app on the driver’s cell phone (with the Android operating system, but the version for iOS will be launched soon) or to install it on a vehicle tracker and use some additional functions of this approach. Both variants will be good for you if you want to try some sort of efficient fleet tracking software.

The Uboro app has a great range of advantages over other tracking apps such as:

  1. free 90-day trial;
  2. the use of cloud technologies and availability of cloud storage for each new user;
  3. better accuracy of current location definition;
  4. the opportunity to use an embedded messenger as a kind of social network;
  5. advanced control of the driver’s behavior;
  6. the opportunity to get the information about current traffic situation (traffic jams, accidents, etc.) quickly;
  7. Monitoring of the current technical condition of a vehicle in real-time mode (if the app was installed on a special tracker which is synced with vehicle’s sensors.


Certainly, this app will help you to optimize the routes of your transport, and to learn how to reduce costs optimally. Therefore, Uboro is one of the best new apps for fleet management, and a free 90-day trial may show you all its advantages in practice.

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