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Forget tech. the office is where the real productivity hacks are at


There’s a reason why some of the biggest businesses in the world are so obsessed with their offices: offices have a massive impact on productivity. Companies know that if they nail their office environments, then they’ll get way better value from their wage bill and that their staff will get more done.

The problem, of course, is that the vast majority of offices out there aren’t set up for people: they’re set up to be as cheap and as “efficient” as possible. Many entrepreneurs don’t see the point in upgrading their offices to suit their workers because they fail to see how doing so could possibly generate a return. People don’t mind working in a boring, dull office, right?

It turns out that the conventional wisdom is wrong. Research has shown that the environment that people are in has an enormous impact on things like mood and creativity and this explains why companies like Budweiser, Amazon and Red Bull pay so much attention to it. They want their workers to be relaxed and creative, and they want to avoid things like mental breakdowns, screaming matches, and industrial sabotage.So what can the average businesswoman do to soup up their office?

Change the colour scheme

There’s nothing worse than arriving at work on a dull day to be presented with yet more gray. To really get things going in an office, the colors should be bright and attractive. Not only will this help to improve the mood of staff, but it’ll also induce creativity and passion. Colors like red, green and orange are great for boosting creative thinking which is why they’re such a popular choice in design and knowledge industries.

Make use of zoning

There’s been a trend towards open offices over the last decade or so. But now the science is suggesting that it might not be the best way to increase the productivity of staff. Entrepreneurs initially opted for open office plans because they wanted to escape the dehumanizing effects of office cubicles. But now it’s becoming apparent that communal areas aren’t actually that great for a vast swathe of the workforce who find them stressful.

A better option is to deck out individual spaces with their own purpose-driven furniture from companies like Crossford. Some spaces should be dedicated to solo work while others are more focused on working together as a team. Others can be devoted to having fun, but it’s important to make use of zoning. Trying to concentrate on a particular task is difficult if the people around you are having loud conversations.

Hack the canteen

Corporate wellness is something more and more companies are doing. And it’s not surprising why. The welfare of staff is directly related to the amount of work that they get done in a particular month. With that said, most entrepreneurs think that there’s not an awful lot they can do to change the behavior of their colleagues. However, simple changes to the food on offer in the canteen can make a big difference. Focus on basing more meal around things like beans which will release their energy slowly over the course of the afternoon.

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