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Why you need OCR technology for your business


Do you need to improve your business systems? One of the most challenging components of managing a successful company is creating systems that can optimize your business functions. OCR technology is an example of such a system. Since its development in the 1990’s, OCR has revolutionized the way companies process, handle, and store inbound and outbound data.

OCR technology scans incoming emails and faxes to your business, identifying keywords and indexing the document in the relevant category before notifying the team members responsible for handling the data. OCR can recognize backgrounds, discern images and charts, as well as correct font, layout and font color. OCR can read different languages and identify symbols, making it a virtual smart technology that benefits any size business, from the large corporates, the small firms.

Does your in-tray in your office overflow with paperwork? Can you find documents easily? Or do you need to dig through mountains of paperwork, or visit a filing room before you have access to the data. OCR eliminates these time wasting functions of business, streamlining all of your data and making available on-demand with a click of a mouse.

OCR can discern backgrounds, font, images, and charts. If any of the images are poor quality, the OCR will clean them up before re-introducing them to the document. During the scanning and compiling process, the integrity of the original document is maintained, and validated before it is added to your business archives and the relevant team members are notified.

OCR technology takes your business into the paperless environment. All documents can be scanned or created within the system, you are even able to create an electronic signature to prepare your documents. OCR will revolutionize the way your company deals with administration and paperwork processes into the future.

OCR sounds great but there are even more advantages of this powerful technology.

  • Increase your customer service with all client data available on hand.
  • Get rid of physical record keeping and the related overhead costs of filing rooms and filing clerks.
  • Do away with manual data entry and secure your documents.
  • Grow your OCR solution with your business, customizable modules can be added at any stage to suit your business needs.
  • Stay in compliance with any legal regulations.
  • Improve the security of your documents and never misplace or lose a document again.
  • Combine PDF and OCR technology to create electronic documents that are easily transferred and stored.
  • Open your data on any mobile device with true on-demand access to your business data.

The advantages and benefits of OCR are staggering, here are some other areas of your business that can benefit from this astounding technology.

Storing your documents in the cloud

The power of cloud technology is relatively new to the business world. However, this technology has been rapidly adopted by corporations and small businesses alike. The benefits of securely storing your documents in the cloud eliminates the costly overheads of document management. Never lose or misplace company documents again, OCR will take all incoming documents and upload them to the cloud. Similarly, documents can be scanned in and then filed in their relevant category.

Automatic forms for your business

OCR enables you and your clients to complete forms online and then add them to your database where they are immediately available to team members. Combine your OCR with a PDF technology to instantly create secure forms that cannot be altered by anyone else, preserving the integrity of the original document. Add electronic signatures to your documents and automatic forms, issue and receive invoices and have them immediately transferred to the cloud and the finance department notified of the update.

With all of the clear advantages of using OCR in your business, it’s time to move into the digital age and change the way you manage your paperwork, document, and data systems. OCR technology will continue to evolve as the business world changes. Don’t fear change, embrace it and take your business to a new level of success and operating efficiency.

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