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Online competing: a little dog can have a big business bite


Small businesses are in some ways beyond larger corporations. Due to your size, you have the ability to adapt quicker, innovate with greater ease, absorb sudden shocks to the global economy better and overall, be smooth in how you operate. You can, of course, run into some issues that leave you feeling like you’re the little mouse, hunting for the crumbs. However, you should see yourself as a small dog with a large bark or bite. You have the ability to take your business to greater heights by using simple but effective methods. One way is to be able to spread like wildfire and engage the audience in ways that larger businesses cannot. Marketing your individuality is a trait that should be capitalized upon, and can be done through various ways.

Commuter consumers

A business that does not cater for the commuter is surely not just missing out but leaving itself in a very narrow hallway. It’s clear that many people like to do their shopping too and from work as a way to keep their journeys entertaining and useful. Technology affords adaptability so you should consider creating an app for your business so that you can be accessed by millions of potential customers. By making it free, you can enter into people’s lives without setting up a barrier despite the obvious ability to make a sudden profit. It’s tempting to ask maybe even just 99 cents for downloading the app as many who do might just be curious and never really follow through with a purchase. Yet an app that is free and lets consumers browse all of your business offers special discounts, regularly displays updates to your product list and seasonal offers, is all the more attractive.

Tag … you’re it

It’s becoming more and more popular for business to become ballsy and ask visitors who are interested in your business to relinquish some of their details. Professionals marketing companies that offer google advertising via remarketing are effective at just this. A visitor that comes to your website can be tagged. This might be due to them signing up for an account, to the newsletter, random raffle draw competition, and even just purely through becoming a frequent visitor. Once they visit your company and veer off to somewhere else on the colossal that is the internet, your business can be advertised straight toward them. This is regardless of their current location on the web, a slideshow image of what you offer, keywords, business name, and even tailored ads for particular products is directly displayed. This is quite powerful as consumers are reminded of their past visit to your business and thus the reimaging of what you are selling and their previous interest in it.

These methods are subtle, yet they combat the need for you to overcome your larger and at times domineering competition. Making sure that you have your own platform via an app that can be accessed via smartphones is a well-rounded investment. Curiosity and the ability to browse your business at will while on the move is flexible and increases the chance of purchases. In an almost spooky fashion, remarketing is like a gentle nudge that reminds previous visitors of your business while they are surfing around.

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