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  • Business of Men

    Behind the male pen name is a woman

    If you’re judging good books by their cover, don’t be surprised to find that behind the male pen name is a woman. Imagine how dark the world would be...

  • why it's okay to quit

    Career Woman

    Why it’s OK to quit

    The word ‘quit’ is not a favourable term in the business dictionary. But sometimes it’s OK to quit. In fact, quitting can be a good thing, and if you...

  • Business of Men

    How to take risks like a man

    Don’t hold back… take risks When it comes business, and well … actually in general, women have a tendency to not take enough risks to get to where they...

  • How the new facebook brand is going to impact your business

    Boss Lady

    6 powerful Facebook hacks anyone can use

    We all know and love Facebook, the world’s most popular social media platform.  Or perhaps that’s “know and love-hate”. Either way, Facebook dominates the social media landscape. As a budding...

  • procrastination the business liability

    Boss Lady

    Procrastination is the business liability

    The first thing to acknowledge when running your own business is that essentially you’re working against yourself. You’re in the driver’s seat.  A lot of your success depends on how you...

  • Leadership

    Why women hate women (on social media)

    A UK study by Scope has found that, of the 1500 people surveyed, 62 per cent felt inadequate and jealous when they compared their achievements and life events to...

  • Leadership

    Michelle Obama could lose a few

    When men get it wrong… horribly wrong. There are some questions that man are told they should avoid answering when their partner asks. Such as ‘Do I look fat in...

  • Boss Lady

    Lauren Bacall | actress, mother and a true business woman

    The ultimate in sophistication and class: Lauren Bacall. Today the world lost one of its most beloved actresses, the peerless Lauren Bacall. During the 1950s, Bacall rose to prominence...

  • Leadership

    The Bachelor | what NOT to do in business

    Just because it’s on The Bachelor, doesn’t make it okay. It’s that time of the year again, the second season of The Bachelor Australia has started airing, following in...

  • Career Woman

    6 ways to inspire yourself in the mornings

    Inspire yourself in the mornings Dolly Parton made it sound way too easy. Tumbling out of bed and stumbling to the kitchen to pour a big cup of ambition...

  • Leadership

    Tall Poppy Syndrome is real at work

    So you’ve finally accomplished a longstanding goal. You want to share your success with the world but soon find out the world doesn’t feel the same way. You could be...

  • 10 Essential tips to get you started with a business website


    Tall Poppy Syndrome can undermine you

    Exactly what is Tall Poppy Syndrome? This is the term given to the act of discrediting  a person (typically a woman) who has achieved visible success. The ‘tall poppy’...