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  • Confidence

    Women who conquered the glass cliff

    Recently, we discussed a barrier women had to be wary of in business, the glass cliff. It’s the theory that even once a woman has smashed through the glass...

  • sales outreach

    Boss Lady

    Women’s second nature helps with content marketing

    Women’s second nature helps with content marketing – it is her best friend. Collaboration, generosity and sharing tend be second nature to women, whether by nature or nurture, but...

  • Confidence

    Girls 20 Summit our key points

    The soaring sails of Sydney Opera house were the perfect location to house the shine, brilliance and talent of 23 young women for the six-day 2014 Girls20 summit. Girls20...

  • Career Woman

    Successful women | unleashing an inner 23-year-old

    A 23-year-old woman often faces big challenges. She is usually fresh out of college, claiming independence and making an attempt to build a successful future. It often seems as...

  • Confidence

    Women leaders in the Asian Century

    Carolin Hong, President and Chair of China HR Australia and CEO of CH Asia Australia shares her views on how the ‘Asian Century’ offers opportunities for women leaders to...

  • sales lead generation

    Boss Lady

    Why we need more women startups

    Despite the growing number of female entrepreneurs, women still remain a minority in the business-realm for both startup and established companies. So what does this mean for the economy?...

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    3 key things that make you appear more confident

    When you trying to appear more confident, do you find yourself concentrating on one particular area of your image?  Perhaps you change your body language and adopt power poses. Or...

  • small business loan

    Boss Lady

    You can launch a business in 30 days

    In just 30 days, Amie Mount  created a business to fit her lifestyle and family. Wishing Wells Reflections, based in Aberdeen, South Dakota was up and running in a...

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    Would you give up sex to grow your business?

    A recent international survey reports that 50% of women would rather give up sex for a week than give up their mobile devices. That statistic reveals women in the...

  • Boss Lady

    How to stop dumbing yourself down

    It is not uncommon to see men voicing their opinions and providing strong input in meetings, yet while they may do it aggressively, it is still considered professional. However,...

  • online marketing business strategies

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    Millennial women say leadership isn’t worth sacrifice | infographic

    Millennial women are independent, confident and have grown up in a vastly different and changing world than previous generations. For Millennials — those born between 1980 and the mid-nineties...

  • Boss Lady

    Tips to make time for writing content

    Writing is crucial for the business world, and for business women in the digital world that often means regularly making time for the writing that seeds content marketing. Leading...