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  • Confidence

    The female boss is angry, shrill and pushy

    It’s common knowledge that there aren’t many female leaders in business in comparison to men. But it seems there are many perjorative terms to describe the small ratio of...

  • invest in yourself


    Confidence is the key to leadership

    You’re not a good boss until you know this: confidence is the key to leadership for the business woman. The role of a leader is more than just being able to...

  • unconscious bias technology digital internet apps


    Beware the Dark Side of business

    Nobody pretends the business world is all blue skies and sunlight. But new starters are unprepared to find you have to beware the dark side of business. I’ve developed...

  • Business of Men

    Don’t believe the male flatterer

    As a woman in the business world, you will come across several different kinds of men: those who are straight to the point and want what’s best for everyone...

  • Leadership

    Tall Poppy Syndrome is real at work

    So you’ve finally accomplished a longstanding goal. You want to share your success with the world but soon find out the world doesn’t feel the same way. You could be...

  • become a better public speaker

    Boss Lady

    10 ‘Pretty Woman’ business lessons

    Yes. You read that right, the blockbuster rom-com Pretty Woman can actually teach you something about business. It may sound a little crazy at first, but if you watch...

  • air quality leadership tools


    Tall Poppy Syndrome can undermine you

    Exactly what is Tall Poppy Syndrome? This is the term given to the act of discrediting  a person (typically a woman) who has achieved visible success. The ‘tall poppy’...

  • engineering career

    Business of Men

    Surviving in the business of men

    The business world is tough for many, but perhaps those who have the most difficulty succeeding are women. How do we ensure we are surviving in the business of men?...

  • disruptive innovation Are women worse leaders than men? Are they less interested in careers in leadership? Or do they just have fewer chances to show leadership skills examples?

    Business of Men

    Behind the male pen name is a woman

    If you’re judging good books by their cover, don’t be surprised to find that behind the male pen name is a woman. Imagine how dark the world would be...

  • Boss Lady

    Eva Chen | Condè Nast’s youngest editor-in-chief

    In high school, Eva Chen was expected by immigrant parents to look towards careers such as finance, engineering and medicine. However, after a summer internship at Harpers Bazar between her...

  • Boss Lady

    Power Pack | Robyn Partridge

    After more than 30 years an accountant in the areas of advertising, fashion, retail and property – and also setting up a mobile beauty business after graduating from beauty school...

  • Career Woman

    Why it’s OK to quit

    The word ‘quit’ is not a favourable term in the business dictionary. But sometimes it’s OK to quit. In fact, quitting can be a good thing, and if you...