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    Boss Lady

    5 rules for a kick-ass business

    There’s good business, there’s great business – and then there’s kick-ass business. The business that gets out there and just keeping exceeding targets, building teams and connections, and making...

  • how to lay off employees

    Boss Lady

    10 times playing dumb is smart

    You’re an intelligent, savvy career woman. But are you smart enough to know when to play dumb? And by that, we don’t mean being stupid. There are times when...

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    Career Woman

    11 secrets of successful people

    Do you want to be successful? Do you have the drive and ambition to find success? Do you know the secret to it? If you answered no to the...

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    Boss Lady

    Why goal setting doesn’t work

    Goal setting doesn’t work! Yes, I said it! I know, it is very surprizing to hear it from me, someone who actually achieves her goals most of...

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    Boss Lady

    Stop being voyeurs

    Every once in a while, I watch talk shows.  Not the informative or even entertainment shows that provide celebrity interviews and current events.  I like those but there are...

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    Career Woman

    Make color your work superhero

    We are all affected by everything around us, but sometimes we need to be reminded of the power that color holds for us. It reaches in and affects us...

  • Are you a mind-preneur?

    Boss Lady

    How women are shaping eCommerce

    With the rapid development of mobile purchasing, eCommerce has blossomed into a multi-billion pound industry, and women have taken a significant lead. Unlike other industries, e-Commerce offers a flexibility...

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    Business of Men

    You don’t have to ‘be like a man’

    How often do you get to performance review time, or prepare for an interview, where you are required to talk about the great things you have done and feel...

  • Self discipline

    Boss Lady

    5 barriers of the business woman: guilt

    Being a woman trying to succeed in a man’s (business) world is hard. We face more barriers than men – and often have to try and overcome them by...

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    Boss Lady

    Are you for or against us, Kim Kardashian?

    In a recent interview at the prestigious Commonwealth Club of California, Kim Kardashian briefly addressed the objectification of women, asserting that women are “absolutely” objectified by the media.   This confused...

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    5+1 tips: how to behave like a leader

    There have been many discussions why the percentage of female business leaders is still so remarkably low – even more so in the startup world. Is it because women...

  • Boss Lady

    Tips for working with your parents

    The line between your professional and person life is thin when you share an office with your family. This means that family time easily shifts into discussing business, which...