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  • Eva Chen | Editor in Chief

    Boss Lady

    Eva Chen | Condè Nast’s youngest editor-in-chief

    In high school, Eva Chen was expected by immigrant parents to look towards careers such as finance, engineering and medicine. However, after a summer internship at Harpers Bazar between her...

  • Robyn Partridge

    Boss Lady

    Robyn Partridge | Power Pack

    After more than 30 years an accountant in the areas of advertising, fashion, retail and property – and also setting up a mobile beauty business after graduating from beauty school...

  • Do not quit

    Career Woman

    Why it’s OK to quit

    The word ‘quit’ is not a favourable term in the business dictionary. But sometimes it’s OK to quit. In fact, quitting can be a good thing, and if you...

  • Procrastination is the business liability

    Boss Lady

    Procrastination is the business liability

    The first thing to acknowledge when running your own business is that essentially you’re working against yourself “Procrastination”. You’re in the driver’s seat.  A lot of your success depends on how...

  • Bridging the gender gap in business

    Business of Men

    Gender gap in business

    For men and women to forge long-term business relationships, the art of gender communication must be mastered. Females and males differ in many ways, and in the corporate world...

  • Building a strong brand | 5 steps


    Building a strong brand | 5 steps

    We all want our brand to have strength, but how do you achieve that? What are the steps to building a strong brand? 1. Building a strong brand Even...

  • 7 confidence quick fix tips


    Confidence Ideas: 7 quick fix tips

    I have listed 7 confidence ideas quick fix tips that will help individuals to be successful. These One of the key traits that will help you build success. It’s...

  • business woman office leader


    Big business style: how to make a professional impression

    Business style is important and big business style is seriously so. Networking is such an important component to building strong relationships and regardless of whether you agree or not,...