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  • Business of Men

    Feminine faces are seen as bad negotiators

    Our faces play a large part in how others perceive and deal with us on a daily basis. Right or wrong, people judge our faces in terms of whether...

  • multitasking - Accountancy

    Career Woman

    Multitasking – A distracted woman is risking her success

    We women pride ourselves as skilled multi-taskers. But although are we often multitasking for one clear goal or are we trying to achieve success in too many areas at...

  • feminism: confident female


    Building a confident female brain

    Did you know that confidence matters as much as competence? Katty, Kay and Claire, who wrote The Confidence Code, state that evidence shows women are less self-assured than men...

  • Female Influencers

    Boss Lady

    Female influencers – Beyonce, Hillary and Sheryl

    Apparent differences of female influencers often hide similarities. Women share commonalities that go beyond the industry or career they are working within. Beyoncé Knowles, Hillary Clinton and Sheryl Sandberg...

  • returning to work

    Career Woman

    Tips on returning to work with confidence

    The thought of returning to work after a long absence can be daunting. It’s a challenge many business women face after taking leave for maternity, and she’ll often feel...

  • collaboration at work

    Boss Lady

    Tips for running effective meetings

    Effective meetings are an important part of working life and are a great way to ensure that everyone is on the same page and knows what is happening within...

  • crisis management overcome fear business failure


    Stop using the word failure

    In recent times, business books and keynote speeches have more and more focused on failure −− on how it is healthy to fail and to admit to failing. And it’s...

  • Great Leader


    What makes a great leader?

    If you want to be considered a great leader, one who can bring about real change whether it is on a small or large scale, there are certain traits...

  • networking tips and tricks

    Boss Lady

    Networking tips and tricks that will even work for shy people

    Let’s face it, not all of us are totally comfortable with networking.  I don’t believe a great networker is born either, but rather it’s something you learn. In school,...

  • young business woman

    Career Woman

    Young business woman | 5 crappy moments for the

    Our teenage and early 20s years are there for experience, and life lessons to be explored. However, it is not completely sunshine and lollypops. The teenage business woman will...

  • Sanaz Shirazi

    Boss Lady

    Sanaz Shirazi SSC Designer | Power Pack

    Favoured by A-listers like Kate Hudson, Sienna Miller and Kate Moss, and featured in glossies like Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle, Middle-Eastern brand SSC is an eco-luxe fur fashion...

  • tough conversations : who your enemies are

    Boss Lady

    3 Tough conversations you have to face

    We are often warned that with power comes great responsibility. Just like their male counterparts, females in positions of power must have tough conversations if they are to thrive....