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  • how to start a law firm woman owned business

    Career Woman

    Overcoming the business impact of a divorce

    A lot of the discussion about whether women really can have it all has centred on whether they can balance a successful career with a successful relationship. But many...

  • Confidence

    2014’s most powerful women

    Fortune has released their 2014 list of the world’s most powerful women, and there are some positions that look to be cemented, and some women who have zoomed up...

  • translation service language languages

    Boss Lady

    Are you afraid to communicate?

    In my private practice I hear over and over, “I just can’t say what I want to say”. “I’m afraid to talk to people”, “I can’t engage...

  • service stress sitting is the new smoking struggling at work disaster recovery stress in the workplace

    Boss Lady

    6 signs someone is struggling at work

    We’ve all gone through a patch when we’ve been struggling at work. But do we take enough notice when somebody else is struggling? We know the signs in ourselves,...

  • Are you a mind-preneur?

    Boss Lady

    Are you a mind-preneur?

    It’s not easy starting a business from scratch. In fact, statistically the first four years are the hardest to survive when opening a new venture. Long hours, high energy,...

  • Content marketing tool is a great help for women

    Boss Lady

    Content marketing tool is a great help for women

    I love sweeping generalisations, especially when it comes to all things concerning women. And that includes a content marketing tool After all, nearly everything we do attracts condemnation (work,...

  • Power Pack | founder Adele McConnell 

    Boss Lady

    Power Pack Series | founder Adele McConnell 

    Our Power Pack series asks business women about their path to success. A food blog turned into a full-blown online business for Adele McConnell, whose site has sparked a health-focused...

  • Developing self-esteem is key to your success

    Career Woman

    Developing self-esteem is key to your success

    Come on a journey with me, where the destination is ‘becoming your own best friend’. There are many things we’ll learn along the way, but for today I’d like...

  • Confidence is the key to leadership invest in yourself mindful leadership

    Boss Lady

    Senior leadership – The myths of ‘meritocracy’

    Why aren’t more women being promoted to senior leadership positions? So many times when I ask organisations how they are proceeding with building gender diversity in their senior levels...

  • Danger of being fired | Women more likely than men

    Boss Lady

    Danger of being fired | Women more likely than men

    Having job security is a reassuring feeling but there is always a danger of being fired specifically for women. It brings a steady income, can make you feel safe...

  • body language trends executive style

    Boss Lady

    Body language messages: is yours sending the right message?

    As we all know, communication is more than just the words we say or write. Communication is also in the things we don’t say; it’s in the way we...

  • promotional clothing champion mindset focus on yourself eye contact Professional hairstyles

    Career Woman

    Professional to personal | find the right balance

    First off, let’s demolish the myth that romance is effortless for professional women. Of course, being a single professional with a progressive career has a lot of rewards, but...