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  • power pack business

    Boss Lady

    Power pack business | 4cabling

    4Cabling is Australia’s leading direct-to-consumer manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of cabling and IT management accessories. Nicole Kersh founded the company in 2006 and recently sold it. She shares her...

  • sexual harassment

    Business of Men

    Managing sexual harassment strategically

    Sexual harassment in the workplace is unacceptable. Let’s be absolutely clear on that. But let’s also be just as clear that it’s a reality women have to face on...

  • Boss Lady

    Endurance | What the military can teach you

    Being in the military, and serving in Afghanistan, has taught me many things. A key lesson was the value of endurance, and in my role as an empowering life...

  • speak out gender equality


    Speak out gender equality

    It’s not feminism we need. It is a worldwide commitment by all human beings to be advocates of change towards gender equality for all. Emma Watson speak out gender...

  • profitable online business

    Boss Lady

    Profitable online business | built in 120 days

    For anyone who has started their own profitable online business, they will know it is a brilliant but brutal and completely all-consuming beast: the baby that never sleeps, and...

  • women’s business

    Boss Lady

    Women’s business vs gender equality

    Emma Watson’s much-broadcast speech has revealed the polarizing differences between what is viewed as ‘women’s business’ and the effort for gender equality. I can see the issue in my...

  • criticism


    Criticism faced by women leaders

    We all have to put up with criticism, and sometimes it can be constructive and helpful – pointing us to a better direction or approach. But it seems that...

  • feminism: confident female


    Stand tall and aim taller

    No matter how much good you do in your life, there will always be someone standing on the sideline trying to tear you down … Don’t let that discourage...

  • succeed without a degree


    You can succeed without a degree

    A degree can be a great asset to any business career. But if you don’t have one, take heart from the success stories of those who rose to the...

  • Wardrobe tips

    Boss Lady

    Wardrobe tips for the corporate traveller

    Having worked in the travel industry for over 20 years, I’ve spent a lot of time traveling with work. here are my wardrobe tips for the corporate traveller. Throughout...

  • women networking

    Boss Lady

    Women networking | biggest link-up

    The close of this year will see a bid for the biggest business women networking event in history. Using the power of LinkedIn, the 2014 One Million Woman Link...

  • business impact of a divorce

    Career Woman

    Business impact of a divorce

    A lot of the discussion about whether women really can have it all has centred on whether they can balance a successful career with a successful relationship. But many...