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Checklist when looking for a place to start a business


After the conception of a business idea, finding funds to facilitate and bring it to reality, the next big thing that bothers so many is the location and finding the best place to start a business. The outrageous price you have to pay for rent to get your own space is sometimes half your capital which is a reason to worry, in all honesty.

Often, you pay a fortune and do not even realize it isn’t conducive enough or lacks basic amenities until after you move in, and it is already too late. This article aims to show what to look out for when searching for a business location or office space.

Checklist to find best place to start a business

Before looking for a place, you have to consider your target customers and ensure that the space you eventually find meets that demand. However, whether large or small scale, old business or start-up, the following are things you should always consider when trying to find the best place to start a business, and you will be glad you did.

Office Amenities

What does the proposed space have to offer? You should always ask and thoroughly consider this question before securing an office or working area as it is essential. Workit Spaces at sheds more light on critical things you should look out for when getting a space. They include:

  • Shared conference area

  • A good lounge area

  • Personal storage

  • Good toilets

  • Numerous exits

For many start-ups, the quality of the internet connection is also an important decision criterion. High bandwidths, reliability and resilience of the Internet are becoming more and more important. Companies from a wide variety of industries rely on cloud-based services such as Google Docs, Strato Hidrive or Amazon Webspaces as well as VoIP telephony. Accordingly, competent and independent advice as well as fast response and fault clearance times are expected.


Picking a strategic location for your business is imperative as a factor in it being the best place to start a business. Is your location convenient for your staff and clients? Are there bus stations close, or is it going to be a long walk? Is there a hospital within proximity in case of an emergency? Could you grab a coffee or fast food a few blocks away? These are factors that are very necessary to consider but end up being overlooked either due to ignorance or disregard. However, the location of the place you tend to get should be paramount to you.

While proximity to the customer is important for retailers and many advisory service providers and therefore often only central locations that have their price come into question, manufacturing and supplying companies usually need large areas and should therefore prefer to choose cheaper locations on the outskirts of the city, which in the best case can still be expanded.

The same applies to up-and-coming start-ups: If rapid business development is expected, the founders should agree in advance with the landlord to what extent space reserves are available at the same location.


Before paying for a workspace, make proper enquiries on how accessible space is. The time it opens and closes if you are allowed to stay overnight just in case the need arises. You also have to consider who could be let into such a facility and on what grounds? You do not want your customers or staff harassed. Ensuring that the facility will be opened and available at your proposed work hour is a requisite in your list of factors for the best place to start a business. Remember to always seek value for your money.


Always make enquiries on how secure a facility is before paying for it. Try as much as possible not to endanger yourself, employees and clients. While picking an office space, studying the security situation of the environment, the management takes the safety measures and precautions and makes inquiries on the proposed place. Ask questions like, has this facility been robbed before? Was anyone ever killed here? Do they let unidentified people in? Do not jeopardize the safety of people due to your inability to research. Ask questions, seek evidence. It is within your rights.

The signs and things to look out for are always glaring. Take your time, do your proper research, never show desperation, go for the best. It may cost you a little more, but it is worth it.


Many young companies question their choice of location after six months or even regret it. This is why start-ups should not make the location decision based on their gut feeling or based on the manager’s apartment situation, but rather make them on the basis of a detailed analysis of best place to start a business, because early release from the contract is usually not possible or has to be paid dearly in the end. When looking for a location, you should pay attention to the following criteria before concluding a contract.

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